'Hamas will make a deal'

I like very much this analysis by someone who knows very well Hamas. The deal is simple: Hamas will ask Israel to withdraw to pre-1967 borders, grant palestinian refugees the right to return and in exchange Hamas will offer a long term truce.
Nothing shocking in this, all demands are backed by UN resolutions and all countries live toghether with good intelligence as long as national interests and individual and human rights are preserved and all refugees must have the right to their land and their homes.

If Hamas was perceived as a terrorrist group it is because they had no other means of resistance. Now if Israel wants peace, then it must accept the most elementary of palestinian demands. The unilateral moves and 'peace' that Sharon was offering is no peace at all because it would have left palestinians with a shattered territory, a non viable enclave in which only resentment and anger can grow and not real peace !

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