Mahmoud Abbas determined to stay head of the PA until 2009 !

Despite the Hamas victory, Abbas announced today that he will stay. He is encouraged by Bush himself who asked him to stay. This is a sad day for the people of Palestine. Having to deal with corrupt leaders and a grim political and economic situation, they choosed to elect somebody else. Their choice will not be respected.
Now it is time to see how Hamas will react. This election have raised some hopes that with a radical group embracing the political process, the radicalisation of the palestinian society was over and a new era for a real peace deal would have to emerge.

Hamas just said that it will work with Abbas and will not oppose Abbas negociating with Israel as they did not oppose this before but now they will have to deal with the negociations as a governement.

Most Israeli analysts who advocate real peace welcomed the victory of Hamas as an opening to a normalization with the whole palestinian society. However, the western press is only reproting negative reactions.

And have you seen this paternalizing attitude in the official photo of Olmert and Merkel where Olmert surrounds her shoulders with one arm and Merkel making herself petite and smiling as a good girl ?

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