A new Bin Laden message

Every time Bush is in critical condition politically, Bin laden comes to the rescue !

Note that in the last two messages, Bin Laden announces an attack and at the same time offers a truce ! According to analysts, the tactic is destined to make BL more moderate toward arabs but what strikes me is that this is the same tactic of escalation the US used and continue to use against non-friendly regimes in the middle east:
First, intimidation and threats with words while conducting secret operations and preparing a plan for an attack.
Second: an offer which the other side would certainly refuse, like additional inspections for Saddam's regime or the interviewing of Bashar El-Assad by the UN international team investigating the murder of former lebanese prime minister ! Bin Laden here is making an offer which he knows the US would refuse: Scott McClellanm White house spokesman, hurried to answer Bin Laden's offer by saying "We do not negotiate with terrorists. We put them out of business"
Third: Strike, attack, whatever it will be...After proving that the other is morally wrong.

Bin Laden was at the good school (CIA).

There is something else in the truce offer: Bin Laden here is sending a double message, as some analysts noted, the attack is intended for Bush and Co and the truce is intended for public opinion, not only in the arab world, as the analysts noted, but also in the western world, in my opinion. If you read the first sentence of this post, it means that Bin Laden's messages have been helping Bush actually and Bush and Cheney have been capitalizing politically on these messages to show that they are the only ones who can protect american citizens. However, in my opinion, this strategy will not work in the long run because people will start to be upset about apresident who calim to protect them and then do nothing while the US ennemy number one is on the run !

In the long run, a Bin Laden statement will be damageable to Bush and to whoever will be president.

Brave new political world that the US has been preparing for us ordinary citizens !

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I firmly convinced, that you are not right. Time will show.

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