"Remember, this land belongs entirely to the Jewish people and not to anyone else."

Amira Hass on the humiliations, the provocations and the misery experienced and lived every day by palestinians at Israeli checkpoints. Remember the journeys of these people are not extravagant, they are to schools, hospitals, work for a living and for that their life is becoming a fight for existence and survival. Can you imagine living like this every day, ignored by the whole world and not having any solution in sight ?

''People will always remember the headline "92 percent of the West Bank" that Sharon or Barak supposedly considered "giving" the Palestinians. People will always be tired of hearing the stickling, irritating details of the methods by which Israel, using some security pretext or other, is consistently crumbling the Palestinian people into communities cut off from each other, on their own land. The voice of the soldier over the loudspeaker saying, "This land belongs only to the Jewish people" aptly echoes the policy he is carrying out.''

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