"The third temple will not be built by people...it will be built by God,"

Said Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch, the chief rabbi of the Western Wall, in response to muslim clerics alarmed by the excavations Israel is doing on the site of the mosque Al-Aqsa. He was referring o the fact that the first temple was jewish and that according to jewish faith there will be a third temple built on top of the mosque. His answer is quite ambiguous, does he intend to hide any Israeli responsibility in harming the mosque behind the will of God ? The site of the mosque was always a source of tensions between Palestinians and Israelis. Remember, it was the provocative march that Ariel Sharon did on the esplanade of Al-Aqsa in defiance of the regulations in september 2000 that started the second intifada !
And is Rabbi Rabinovitch implying that God is running a construction company now ?

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