Humiliations and killings:Israel Occupation Forces always do their best

This is a picture taken from Al-Jazeera web site showing palestinian policemen who surrendered to Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) after IOF circled a Jericho prison in an attempt to 'extradite' or transfer illegally six palestinian prisoners from the palestinian prison to israeli ones. Among the prisoners, mainly from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, there is an elected member to palestinian parliament. The prison was under international control but the british and US observers withdrew an hour before the arrival of the IOF.

Those who are refusing to surrender will be killed (see my previous post). So if you are a palestinian in Israel you have a choice between humiliation or assassination.
This scheme is being generalized internationally to the treatment Israel and its US ally are applying on muslims and arabs. Please can you bring on more danish cartoons ? More Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib abuse ? More invasions ? More occupations ? More support for ruthless and US friendly arab rulers ? Just in case those who are defending freedom of speech didn't quite understand yet muslim reactions to the publications of the cartoons.


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