The Jericho prison attack = Vote Olmert

I am rally distressed by what happened yesterday in Palestine. I am distressed by the helplessness of the palestinian people. I am distressed by the indifference of the international community. I am distressed by the humiliations Israel is imposing on palestinians and their elected legitimate representatives. I am distressed by the picture of Saadat, the PFLP fighter with his white gray hair who spent his life fighting for a cause for his country and his people to leave an internationnaly guarded prison for yet another prison and another fight that he will lose because his group claimed responsibitlity for the assassination of a racist extremist thug (Avraham Zeevi). I am distressed by the isolation of the palestinian people.
And as always, Steve Bell, the Guardian cartoonist summarizes beautifully what happened yesterday and his cartoon, as always, succeed to relieve some of my distress. We people, distressed by this situation, have only humour and derision to try to alleviate our anger !
Thank you Mr. Bell.


bashir said...

It is sad, in fact, it is depressing. How many "international laws" and "agreements" were violated yesterday alone by Israel?!

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

- Sophie,
Me thinks you should add your voice to the debate taking place there:

These guys badly need a strong progressive voice to balance out all the Neocon spin they’ve been spoonfed over time

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