Moussaoui's role in 9/11 or the misfortunes of the Bush administration

It is a pity that four years after 9/11, the only case the Bush administration was able to make against the terrorrists is Moussaoui. This man is clearly, at best, mentally retarded, at worst, stupid. The irony is that the Bush administration does not equally seem to be (mentally) able to mount a leaglly sound case against the man choosed to represent al-Qaida's face in a public trial.

He was caught in the first place because he insisted on learning how to fly but did not want to learn how to land. However, we learn that for his trial: ''the government lawyer who allowed seven witnesses to see trial transcripts, coached them on what to say, and told one not to respond to a subpoena issued by the defence, resulting in only two "untainted" aviation witnesses being allowed to court.''
Then, ''A captured al-Qaida official, Waleed bin Attash, considered to be the mastermind of the suicide attack on the warship USS Cole and an early planner of the 9/11 attacks, said in a statement that he did not know of any role for Mr Moussaoui in the terrorist attacks.
Bin Attash, known simply as Khallad, portrayed Moussaoui as something of a loose cannon during a trip to Malaysia in 2000, where he met members of a radical group affiliated with al-Qaida. Khallad said Mr Moussaoui breached security measures and al-Qaida protocol.
For example, Mr Moussaoui called Khallad daily, despite instructions to only call in an emergency, to the point where Khallad switched his mobile phone off.''

Moussaoui's arrest, which could have yielded some useful information, appears more and more to have been of his own doings rather than those of the American security personnel. An attempt to extract some information from Moussaoui's arrest was even dismissed:
''FBI agent Harry Samit revealed how he warned his supervisors more than 70 times that Moussaoui was an al-Qaida operative who might be plotting to hijack an aircraft and fly into a building. He was prevented by his superiors from getting a warrant to search Moussaoui's flat.''

Now the man is being judged on the basis that if he had spoken, he could have prevented the deaths due to 9/11.

Don't you think that Moussaoui spoke clearly and loudly from his own troubled mind and it is the Bush administration who is deaf and mentally retarded ? ''This combination supported the defense theory that the government knew more beforehand than Moussaoui about Sept. 11 but ignored or bungled leads that might have unraveled the plot. ''

Bush and his adminstration are not different from Moussaoui, when it comes to mental competence. But where Moussaoui was quickly dismissed by Al-Qaida and its operatives out of fear his mental capacity may not be suitable for their operations, Bush and his people were able to hide their mental incompetence to govern behind a curtain of lies and spin. And it is likely that they will never face trial for their criminally irresponsible conduct.

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