The US acting as a terrorrist organization in Iraq

Reacting to an attack against a shiite mosque, which left more than 16 people dead, conducted by Iraqi special units forces operating under US command and american forces, the governor of Baghdad declared that he is interrupting all cooperation with the US until an independant investigation is launched.

Grave accusations have emerged from polemics about the raid. Shiites officials accused the US of operating Iraqi forces under their command, without the consent or the knowledge of Iraqi officials, in suspicious missions destined to undermine the shiite community and to provoke tensions.

Iraq is still without government since the december elections. The US is not happy with the dominant shiite majority in the parliament. Different US representatives have visited Baghdad recently and pressured the shiites on how the government should be composed.

The message sent in this operation to the elected Iraqi representatives is to make them feel that they don't even control their army and that the US, if unhappy with the political situation, can retaliate whenever it pleases them.

Source: Le Monde, March 27th, 2006

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