Islam bashing: are there limits or is there an end ?

Racist Talk from Haaretz's Israel Harel

''A different type of murderousness, Arabic-Islamic, has been developing of late. To understand what the rest of the world, and particularly the Jews, can expect from it, we should look at what it is wreaking on its home turf - the Arab and Islamic world. Despite the fact that the theoreticians of terror have many explanations from the worlds of psychology and sociology, one cannot avoid drawing a central conclusion - the one the researchers dare not touch for fear of being branded racist. This is not even "understandable" or "logical" terror aimed at achieving political or even religious goals. In most cases, this is murder for the sake of murder, and terror (such as blowing up Iraqi mosques with worshipers inside) for the sake of terror.

In Algeria, armed gangs wiped entire villages off the face of the earth - men, women and children. This was not in war, when civilians on both sides of the barricades battle for some holy purpose. This is murder for its own sake. Dr. Guy Bechor, a researcher at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, believes that about 250,000 people were slaughtered in Algeria.

Could this kind of thing happen in a Western country? As a generalization, no. .. Where else in the world could there be horrors of the type being perpetuated even now in Sudan? More than 200,000 have been murdered there, the majority being Christians killed by Muslims. The Christian world has not intervened to save the Christians and the minority of animists, as it did to save the Muslims in the Balkans. Only the forces - woe to them - of the African Union attempted unsuccessfully to stop the genocide.
The car bombs exploding daily in Iraq inspired by the Al-Qaida commander there, Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, kill mainly Muslims. One must also remember those who were murdered by Saddam Hussein and the late Syrian President Hafez Assad - the latter killed 20,000 of his own people in Hama. The mass murders carried out by the Taliban are recorded in the Islamic book of shame.

If they demonstrate such cruelty against their Muslim brothers, especially after the Holocaust when it seemed to have passed from the world, it is clear that they have the ability to demonstrate similar or even greater cruelty against the target that they have thoroughly demonized under the guise of anti-Zionism, with the aid of Western anti-Semitism: the Jews, and particularly those in Israel. They truly hate the Jews and want to wipe them and their state off the face of the earth.''


Gert said...

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Gert said...

It's the usual "violence comes out of a vacuum" kind of nonsense.

Surprised to find this kind of stuff in Haaretz.

Sophia said...

Thanks Gert for the tip.

Cosmic Duck said...

Me too. I'm surprised at seeing such things in Haaretz, which generally seems to be a good paper. The killings in Algeria took place after one of the biggest national betrayals in history. The FIS had won an election, in 1991 I think it was, and then they were cheated from power by the military dictatorship. Of course, that does not justify violence.

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