Terror business thriving

In 2005:
11111 terror attacks, mainly in Iraq;
14600 died, mainly in Iraq;
360 suicide attacks;
An additional 7497 persons killed injured or kidnapped in terror acts (and not attacks) in the world, among them 1000 children, 6500 policemen, 170 clergymen and 100 journalists were either killed or injured. Among them 56 americans killed, 17 injured and 11 kidnapped.
Compared to 651 terror attacks in 2004.
If the same criteria were applied to 2004 and 2005, the numbers in 2005 would have been 10761.

The US is happy.
Henry Crumpton, special coordinator for antiterrorrism at the US state department, who reported these numbers this friday, had this to say:
''The world is more secure because despite the increase and the radicalisation and despite the fact that violence continues, civilised societies are realising that they will have to unite in this war against terrorism.''

The state department estimates, without fearing any contradiction, that the operational ability of Al-Qaida is diminished while their ideological influence is increased, meaning other groups are doing the job for Al-Qaida.
These groups are inspired by Al-Qaida and difficult to detect.
''This is the long term tendency'' states Mr. Crumpton. ''Terrorist forces are going to organize in smaller groups, 4 persons maximum the group like the one who did the London July 2005 attack. These are difficult challenge for us.''
He states also that 2005 was ''characterised by the expansion of networks which are strategically important feeding foreign terrorrist groups in Iraq where the crucial front against global terror is''.
Meaning Iran and Syria are main purveyors of foreign terrorists to this country. So lets displace the fight and also destruct these countries, after having destructed Iraq.

Why terror business is thriving in Iraq ? Because every act of resistance against the American occcupier is considered an act of terror. Resistance is then confounded with real terror, increasing the statistics of terror acts and attacks. Our modern democracies are used to manipulate unemployment numbers to justify their social policies and the US is manipulating, with new criteria including resistance to foreign occupation, terror numbers, to justify its long term war against terrorism. This is not simply a manipulation of numbers, it is also a deliberate policy, confounding resistance and terror, first provoking resistance in Islamic countries in the middle east, then 'calling on' international jihadists to 'join' this resistance in the name of the 'war on terror', therefore proceeding to the summing up of resistance and terror. This is what is happening in Iraq, this is what is giving us these terrible numbers, these terrible deaths and destruction and this is what is feeding the US business of the 'War on terror'.
And most importantly, this is what is giving zionists extremists the argument that Muslims and Arabs are murderous and dangerous. Don't you believe me ? Look at my precedent post.

For those who want to consult the original document , it can be downloaded from the web site of the US department of state.


Gert said...

"l'expansion de réseaux stratégiquement importants qui alimentent le flux de terroristes étrangers en Irak", qui demeure "un front crucial dans la guerre globale contre le terrorisme"

A crucial front created by the Coalition of the Willing...

A similar one also exists in Afghanistan...

And then there the home front of course: As bin Laden once stated: Ask yourself why we don't attack Sweden.

Sophia said...

Thanks for the link. A very good post. The irony is Osama used to visit Sweden frequently when he was young. I even saw a long ago in a magazine, a picture of him with his many sisters and brothers. Osama was dressed like Beatles in their early days.
Now more seriously. I read this message. Actually, it was the only one I read carefully, it was reposted on al-Jazeera website after the London bombing i think. Yes there is wisdom to osama's message but somehow hhis messages never convinced me as being inherently genuine because like it or not, osama's actions are contributing to more opression of muslims. It is like Osama and Bush are working in convergence.
Bush: - You want more opressions ? I will give you then give me more terror.
More opression justifies Osama's jihad and idea of Islam (there is an analogy here with the prophet's mission which was fighting the opressors of his people). More terror (opression fighting in Osama,s words) justifies Bush's and the neo-cons idea of a new polarized world fighting global terror and murderous Islam.

Gert said...

To me, al-Qaeda doesn't really exist as a well-defined, International organisation, with Commander-in-Chief bin Laden commissioning terror attacks world wide, as the US and UK would like us to believe. It exists more as an idea, a concept, sadly on both sides. The Aladdin's cave of arms caches in Afghanistan, satellite communication means, living quarters etc etc that were paraded by Wolfie (or Rummy, not entirely sure) in a state of the art TV presentation immediately following 9/11 were, predictably, never found. It served only for the US to rally its cannon fodder around their newfound "cause".

You're absolutely right about the tandem bit: bin Laden's importance and esteem in the eyes of some extremist Muslims has only increased after the start of the "war on terror". And Bush needs al-Qaeda, that much is also clear. They've "sexed him up" and he's happy with that.

Many, though, wholly buy into the myth of an Islamic International Bogeyman and some Muslims contribute by complying to the stereotype.

Over at my soapbox, the discussion with David has floundered and I will now leave it at that. No doubt David will be back some time on other posts, yours or mine.

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