Messing up with Iran

The excellent Seymour Hersh on the intentions of the Bush administration regarding Iran.
Please compare the expectations of the Bush administration on winning Hearts and Minds with regime change in Iran with Iranians reactions to the Uranium enrichment announced yesterday by Ahmadi-Nejad.
On the Uranium Enrichment steps necessary to produce the atomic bomb read my colleague Gert.
Because right now, Iran is only capable of producing glowing Mickey Watches with its Uranium enrichment, according to professor Juan Cole.


Gert said...

In my honest opinion, what is happening vis-a-vis the nuclear stare-down, is that both Iran and the West are creating bargaining chips for when the show-down starts in earnest.

Iran is doing this right now by making as much progress as possible: faced with the prospect of real action (force or sanctions) it may then want to back-peddle a bit without too great a loss of face.

For military action in my view the West has little real appetite, at least for now.

The whole thing is a no-brainer: Iran should be allowed to produce nuclear energy under IAEA auspices.

That in the long term they will want the Bomb, I'm also convinced of but who can blame them, given the cutrrent geo-political situation?

Sophia said...


This is what we call in french a 'surenchère'.
These political leaders are playing with the security and the well being of their countrymen and women for personal political purposes. it is clear that Iran's president increased his poularity with this face off and Bush, according to Hersh, thinks that he is the only person cpable of getting the job done with Iran !
What a bunch !
I liked your analysis of the situation in your yesterday,s message and will update this post with a link to yours.emddk

Gert said...

Thanks for that link.

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