Palestinians : World's Pariahs

The entire world is turning its back on the Palestinians, thanks to the efficacy of the zionist propaganda machine and to the collapse of the arab world. Entangled in wars initiated by Israel and the US and the rise of Islamists, arab leaders are busy surviving. The arab civil society is embroiled in its resentement of the west, its double standards and bigotry against arabs.

Israel is reigning and the world is following !

''The new UN policy follows bans on contacts with Hamas by Israel, the United States and the European Union, which consider the militant Islamic group a terrorist organization. Hamas' refusal to renounce its violent, anti-Israel ideology after its victory in Palestinian parliamentary elections in January has also led Israel and the West to withhold hundreds of millions of dollars from the new government, which is now bankrupt.''

...''While Annan has called for the results of the Palestinian election to be respected, Dujarric said he has also joined the United States, the EU and Russia in demanding that Hamas recognize Israel, accept past Israeli-Palestinian peace agreements and renounce violence.''

Has anybody asked Israel to renounce violence ?

Well I think Hamas is showing a lot of restraint in front of all this Israeli bullying.
But who cares ?

Syrian poet Ahmad al-Maghout, who passed away recently, said this:

"The Perfect Crime: to be Born an Arab."
"Policemen, Interpol men
You search for the perfect crime,

There is only one perfect crime;
To be born an Arab."

In regard to the present situation in Palestine, One may say that the perfect crime is to be born a Palestinian !

(Thanks to Ur-Shalim for listing Al-Maghout's poem)


Anonymous said...

you don't like Israel much do you??

Sophia said...

Liking is for people not for countries. We may like someone but still see what is going wrong with him.

Bashir said...

Thanks for adding my blog to your links.

Sophia said...


I found your blog by chance. I was searching Al-Maghout and I was really astonished to find my blog in your links. No thanks, I was relieved to find a voice like yours among lebanese bloggers diferent from say Across the Bay or Vox Populi.

Anonymous said...

ok I will say then, you don't seem to like Israelies that much.

Sophia said...

Anonymous, Solitarioh2005, anonimo2005, whatever...

This is an abusive genralization. Israelis are human beings and there are some human beings I don't like, this does not mean that I don't like all human beings. Similarly, there are some human beings I like and this does not mean that I like all human beings!

Gert said...


That kind of reasoning is far, far too subtle for this kind of anons. Their world is a black and white one, with us or against us: tres Bushy...

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