'Israel should face sanctions'

Moral standards are gone. We are left with the lies, the spin and the many burdens of everyday life. Probably our main burden is that we are left alone, without God, without an ideal, without our communities, without our extended families, without clear directions to the good life.

And while we are all struggling to sort out the ever growing complexity of our lives and our growing solitude, trying to make sense of all this, a great injustice is going on in Palestine. An injustice perpetrated by Israel and its western allies.

And who is punished ? The victim.

Israel should face sanctions and this is a moral imperative.


Gert said...

Here again, the comments made are more telling than the article itself, the latter which I found rather tame.

But it's official, over here (UK), we're all anti-Semites, if not goose-stepping Nazis, and The Guardian is the ringmeisters' propaganda machine.

In the face of such bloody-minded adversity, G-d help us all...

Sophia said...

I read the comment section. Interesting as you mentioned.

I am for sanctions because I think this is the only way to send Israel a clear message about what they can and cannot do with their military and economic superiority. It is like a disturbed child let loose with a forearm and who does not have clear moral standards. other people have to set boundaries for him. it is not only beneficial for Palestinians but also for Israel.

I think sanctions are good for both and they might push the Israeli society, who does not know clearly where its rulers are heading with their unilateral moves, to reevaluate its support for the Israeli government projetcs regarding the Palestinians.

Since March 29th 2006