The million dollar suicide bomber ad !

Americans are making an ad destined to Iraqis to dissuade them from enrolling in suicide missions. The producers are Americans and Lebanese (900 Frames and EFXFilms). The 60 seconds ad will be filmed in Los Angeles. It will show a suicide attack in Baghdad from the perspective of innocents hit by the attack.
The project will cost one million dollar and will be ready by the end of june.

Guess who is paying ? Iraqi businessmen and academics who want to stay anonymous for security reasons. I didn't know that academics are rich enough to invest their money in such a glamorous folly but I guess this is a fabrication in order to hide the Iraqi Businessmen, they aren't so many after all.

The Lebanese producer declared to AFP that if the ad is able to change the opinion of one suicide bomber, the lives that will be saved are worth the money.

Of course actual suicide bombers don't watch TV and the daily spectacle of carnage in Iraq before going on the job ! But fiction is more powerful than reality because it will bring them closer to the victim's mind.
What if they don't listen to the victim ? What if they shut down the TV ? And for those people to watch ad they must have enough electricity to watch TV !

Be sure also that the Lebanese producer has its business assured for a long time to come because the source of anger and frustration which is driving people to become living bombs will not dry soon, thanks to Israel, Bush and Co.

The whole affair smells bad propaganda, US-neo-con-Rummy style propaganda. These people will always surprise me.
Keep tuned for a dramatic decrease in suicide bombings in Iraq soon on your TV screen !


Gert said...

Talk about throwing good money after bad...

A million bucks would buy quite a bit of aid for all these run-down hospitals and probably be more effective. Twats...

Sophia said...

Well at least we can console ourselves by the fact that this is nothing compared to the big corporate theft of Iraq.

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