Mending ties with Islam: the American Enterprise Institute hires an ex-Muslim fanatic and a recent Muslim basher to help out !

Do you know that thanks to Hirsi Ali, people know false things about Islam:
She tried to pin the genital mutilation of girls in Africa on Islam. This is a cultural ritual which has nothing to do with Islam.
She succeded in coinvincing people that Islam is a religion of submission because it was popularized that Islam means 'submission' while Islam means actually 'surrendering to the will of God'.
She has written the script to Theo Van Gogh's film about women and Islam titled 'Submission' where images of naked women can be seen accompanied by a commentary taken from the Coran. It is thought that she was the main target behind Van Gogh's assassination.

Lately, Holland, a tolerant country, grew tired of her and of her provocations. Recently, an initiative on Islam, commissioned by the Dutch government, recommended renewing ties with Islamist groups in order to maintain dialogue and foster better mutual understanding. Hirsi Ali was very critical of the report but her critics were dismissed.

It is reproted by Der Spiegel that Hirsi Ali became to feel isolated in Holland afetr wide public criticism of her immigration record. So she found a job in the US at the American Enterprise Institute. She will help the US, in her own specific way, mending ties with Islam and Muslim countries ! The ties will be violent And this is what the neo cons* want !

Note that the neo cons couldn't do without Muslim fanatics, they are Muslim fanatics addicts , be they convert Muslim fanatics or actual repentants and can't even live without the idea.

Good riddance !

*The American Enterprise Institute is a neo con think tank.


Gert said...

I've always felt Hirsi Ali was essentially an ambitious self-promoter with her own interests at the heart of her actions. It seems she's achieved something for herself at last.

Sophia said...

That is exactly what she is a self promoter like hitchens. But it does not stop here, this woman is actually poisoning the debate between islam and the west and considered as a credible person enough for hire by the AEI.

Gert said...

Just heard on the news she's now lost Dutch citizenship over lying during her application for it.

Sophia said...

Well, according to Der Spiegel (link in my post) there was talk that she was going to lose her citizenship but it didn't happen and nobody took this talk seriously. But I think being a very narcissistic person, she took it badly. Like every extremist, Hirsi Ali's only way is to intimidate other people into adopting her view of things. Once her view of things was put into question from members of the parliament and government, not only she was not able to defend it but she looked for a pompous exit: the AEI.

Sophia said...

You are right. Le Monde reproted yesterday via an AFP communiqué that in fact Hirsi Ali's lies to immigration went beyond what she admitted earlier when she joined the liberal VVD and she is under real threat of loosing her dutch citizenship. It seems that her parents appeared on TV and revealed that none of her stories about being forced to marry someone was right. Moreover, I learned from an earlier article that Hirsi Ali's parents were of the liberal sort and Hirsi Ali didn't have excision as other females in Somalia and that it was she who decided to join Muslim fundamentalists because she was fascinated with her teacher (a female fundamentalist) when they stayed in an Arab country before turning against fundamentalists when she acquired Dutch citizenship.
Clearly an opportunist doubled by a hysterical extremist. That tells a lot about the people hiring her.

Gert said...

Yes, it does. No doubt she will be "a darling of the Right", they've always embraced "inside" opponents of Islam, regardless of the persons merits.

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