A picture is worth thousand words

After a discussion I had with some commentators on this blog who were for the two state solution for Israel and palestine, I would like them to contemplate this picture and to tell me if they still believe in this solution.

Thanks to Angry Arab for posting the picture.


Cosmic Duck said...

Oh, no! That wall does not look too nice. But that is not the kind of two-state solution I would advocate. That wall is a sign of Israeli unilateralism. A two-state solution should be based on borders before the 1967 war and the Oslo agreements.

Sophia said...


I understood very well what you meant But then how to put down this wall ? This is what I was talking about when I said that Israel is creating facts on the ground which might make the two state solution impossible to implement.

Cosmic Duck said...

Yes, but wouldn't that happen in a one-state solution as well? If a one-state solution involves a kind of apartheid system or ghettoisation of large segments of the population, what have you gained?

It is a question whether there is an inter-Israeli-Palestinian solution?, or whether an international solution is called for? As long as the US will not exert the necessary pressure on Israel, there will be no solution.

Bashir said...

Two state solution is/was a scam adopted by the all-wise & prudent Pres. Bush to polish his funny speeches. It will never work, at least not in the way Israel visions it. You know what I mean.

Gert said...

The wall is quite a different issue altogether in my opinion. The wall itself isn't that important, what is important and disturbing is how deeply it burrows into the West Bank. If the current layout is the blueprint for the convergence plan, then clearly its a recipe for more war.

Still, I feel a one state solution in which both peoples have equal rights will never be obtained: Israel wants to be a Jewish state and this is clearly the will of most Jewish Israelis.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think most Palestinians would prefer a state of their own, rather than to be mistrusted guests in a state they have lived in a state of war with for decades.

On the Jewish side, the one state solution is usually preferred by those planning to kick most Palestinians out, that's also a fact.

Sophia said...


I agree. There are some things in this conflict which cannot be reversible like recreating a Palestinian state after so much destruction and reconfiguration of the land. So there will be no Palestine, but lets give Palestinians the right to live because this is what is at stake now.

Oleh Yahshan said...

just to answer the "one State Solution" it was debated by UNSCOP in 1947 as a minority opinion. That idea was REJECTED Along with the other 2 ideas (both were 2 state solutions).

The arab states rejected any compromise and boycotted the committee

"UNSCOP, composed of representatives of 11 nations, visited Palestine and heard testimony from Zionists in Palestine and in the US. The Arabs in Palestine greeted the UNSCOP with hostility and refused to cooperate. The Arab Higher Committee boycotted the Commission but demanded that the UN immediately grant Palestine its independence."


It wasn't going to work back then - and it WILL not work now.
you can read it all

the solution is a 2 state solution the problem remains the same as it has been for the last 58 years - who is going to declare a Palestinian State?? and When?? or more to the point what are they waiting for?? They are worse off now than they were in Dec. 2001 after the Taba Deal (97% plus land exchange plus part of Jerusalem) And it's not going to get better - for them anytime soon - in fact it looks like it's only going to get worse.

Sophia said...

For everybody,

I am not erasing Oleh's comments for now but I may have to activate the comment moderation in the near future.
I am asking people not to debate with him on my blog. You can do it on your own blog or on his blog. I am not doing it anymore, anywhere.
He is flooding my blog with his hainous comments and I want only constructive dialogue with only well meant people to emerge from the discussions on this blog. I don't have time to loose debating extremists.

Oleh Yahshan said...

can you explain how answering 3 comments on 3 different posts, 2 of which were directed AT ME, is flooding you blog??

and how exactly is this comment a "heinous"?

show me where I wrote something that offended you, and I will either explain it, or I will apologize.

Bashir said...

Sophia, I strive for a viable Palestinian state in which dignity is preserved.
Israel's vision of a Palestinian state is a scattered and seperated group of large "prisons" where the Palestinians are under control down to what they eat and drink.
I meant that what I strive for cannot be attained by the plans of USA & Israel, their objectives is not in the direction of Palestinian interests.
"So there will be no Palestine", I don't agree, but then I may just be optimistic.
"lets give Palestinians the right to live because this is what is at stake now", here I totally agree with you.

Sophia said...

We agree 100 %

Anonymous said...

Funney, you don't agree with someone who is politely pointing out the facts... and you cut them off. Says a lot about you Sophia.

Sophia said...

Oleh my friend and it is certainly you posting under Anonymous, I have an obligation to answer your protests. First of all, you were not answering the facts with your first comment on this blog, you were merely mentioning A fact, A partial fact that does not explain the whole thing.
Second, do I have to remind you that you wished me a happy naqbah day. I mean Oleh, what do you think of someone wishing to a jew a 'happy holocaust day' ? Although the two events are not similar, they are definitely not commemorated happily.
You don't know how much your wish hurted me and you didn't even recognize the offense, I did post on it afterwards and you are still searching what might have offended me.

I think you are entitled to think of me as you like. I don't think bad of you.

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