'Six Nations will not negotiate with terrorists'

And who are the terrorists ? Just read this.


Wolfie said...
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Wolfie said...

I've heard it said that the reason the US are so unsympathetic of the Palestinians is that their nation is based on taking a land from under the feet of a lesser armed indigenous people.

Incidentally, what makes you think me a lycanthrope? It was a school day nick-name and I'm really quite harmless. Thanks for the link though.

Sophia said...

I can change the link name if you want but it happens that I like wolves and it was my son's passion when he was a child, now he is 16. Together, with the rest of the family we got to know everything about wolves and the first thing we visit when we go to New York is the memorial in Central Park dedicated to Balto, the half dog, half wolf.
Also we have seen all the related movies and many times 'Wolf' with Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer directed by Mike Nichols and less interesting movies about the subject like Werewolf in London. What reminded me of 'Wolf' by Mike Nichols is the title of your blog 'The Two Wolves'.

As for indigenous people in America, yes that's a truth. I live in Canada and I can tell you that I was surprised to find little sympathy among your average Canadian for the Natives specially when thay have claims on land or when they protest against a project damaging their ecosystem and I was here during the crisis between the Mohawks and the Quebec authorities in the early nineties. There was another major crisis with the Natives last year in Quebec and now there is this one in Ontario. Even well educated people are insensitive to the plight of the Natives. And in a way I think that the solution Israel is preparing for the Palestinians is inspired from the way America was conquered, considering the other as someone inferior or not worthy. However, Natives Americans were defeated not only because of military and technological power but also by diseases and by the fact that they were overwhelmed, culturally, by something they have never envisaged or seen before, which is not the situation of Palestinians. Palestinians are well educated and they understand the world the same way Israelis understand it, even though Israelis are making efforts to make the world belief that Palestinians are different (terrorist, fundamentalists, etc...)
As for the link, it is a pleasure. I put links to blogs I visit and find interesting and I read some of your posts and I find your blog interesting because it mixes the personal and political in a subtle way. I don't like purely personal blogs.

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