Professor fighting for his reputation

I have a moral problem with free speech.

''``They have used my picture as part of their war on free expression,'' Beinin said. ``I have never, in any way, supported terrorism. I've spoken out against it. They're trying to intimidate people into silence.''
David Horowitz, publisher of the book that is the subject of Beinin's complaint, says he is simply exercising his right to free speech and considers the suit harassment.''

Via Angry Arab.


Gert said...

This is more of the same. Critics of Israel get the "anti-Semitism" treatment, with the "terrorist supporter" (aka "Islamophile") thrown in for good measure. Deplorable... Playground bully tactics really. I hope he wins the lawsuit: it could deter the Pipes's and Horowitz's somewhat.

Elizabeth said...

These people need to be sued more often.

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