'The End of the Holocaust !'

''Why insist on this theme of the Holocaust in the wake of Israel’s actions at Qana? Because, beneath the empty rhetoric of Israel’s survival lay the silent extortion of the Holocaust. To be critical of Israel is to deny either the reality or the relevance of the massive crime against the Jews. The other side of that coin is clear: the Holocaust founds Israeli exceptionalism. Massacres, which for other countries are symptoms of madness, are for Israel an unfortunate side effect of the project of survival in the wake of the Holocaust.

We must abandon this discourse, and no longer allow those who support Israel the luxury of its use. Otherwise, we continue to open the door to what happened last night, and will surely happen again. Israel is to be judged not by the story it tells itself, but by its actions. These tell their own story, one that has its own victims, not all of whom are Jewish. For Israel, as for the U.S., the abandonment of exceptionalism involves a painful recognition of who one is. There is, however, abundant pain in refusing that recognition. Just ask the people of Qana.''



Wolfie said...


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Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Dear Ustâza Sophia, Wolfie,

Without going into Meyssan territory for the Frenchman has become “radioactive material” to many “rational” American minds (notice how, since circa 2002 and the shameless mass-marketing of the Iraq war, France, once the darling of American elites from Thomas Jefferson to Cole Porter, has become a mere province of “Eurabia” [sic] in neocon newspeak- a crooked dialect derived from Trotskyite activism and modern Hebrew), one has to recognize, from a purely statistical standpoint, the abnormally high occurrence of far too many “coincidences” when it comes to the official narrative soup we’re being served every day about Al-Qaeda and other groups of “radical Ayyyrâb Djeeeeehâdee terrists” on the verge on invading the infidel pastures of Wyoming, all in the name of the Almighty and his bearded vicar PBUH!

British journalist Jane Bradley puts it this way:

… ‘I have tried, without success, to find a single bombing attributed to ‘Al-Qaeda’ that hasn’t been ‘masterminded’ (according to terrorism ‘experts’ and their mouthpieces in the press) by an informant connected to some or other intelligence agency.’

This may suggest a modus operandi on the part of either Al-Qaeda, the intelligence agencies with which her members so frequently interface, or both. In the case of the CIA and Al-Qaeda, it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate the goals, strategies and even membership of these two groups, despite their alleged, bitter and mutual enmity. The convergence of personnel and the remarkable proclivity of Al-Qaeda to promote Anglo-American/Israeli business interests by blowing things up or issuing communiques just at the right time and just at the right place

Read more here.

Sophia said...


Shooting and weeping. Normally it should be either one of these two. If not, it follows either one of these other two: the Israeli public is disonnected or their tears are what we call in French 'larmes de crocodile'.

As for the comments I can see what you mean by 'relaxed' ! Nobody should try to save idiots from themselves !

You always surprise me but the trend is strong. There was always at least one or more proxy between an Al-Qaeda plot and western intelligence services. Pearlman is a strong case so are the saudis who got a security clearance before 9/11 despite being known for their bad intentions, so is the Canadian army personnel converted to Islam and who was part of the Toronto 17 and so are the Islamist mossad agents recently discovered in palestinian camps in Lebanon in connection with car bombings in Lebanon and Al-Hariri killing!
On Steph's blog I think (but I am not sure), one of Wolfie's regular commentators, there was an interesting hypothesis for the death of Jean-Charles de Menezes: 'the man who knew too much'.
I may reiterate here what I think is a plausible scheme. I am not saying that Islamist extremism, Al-Qaeda style, does not exist by itself. What I am saying is that it is being hijacked by people serving USrael !

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...
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Dr Victorino de la Vega said...


You might want to check out (and add your witty Canookie-Levantine grain of salt!) to our libertarian Texan friend’s blog at:


The man has a fascinating post

One of the best I’ve come to read since July 12

Spk ltr,

Al Hakeem Al Muntasser Al Sâheliyy a.k.a. Dr V. de V.

Behemoth101 said...

"Because, beneath the empty rhetoric of Israel’s survival lay the silent extortion of the Holocaust."

I could kiss you for saying so! Hamdallah, how you've exposed the very bedrock (in Al Quds, they call it 'infrastructure stone') of Zionism's repugnantly reverse-racist rationale.

Unfortunately, now that you've dropped the word "Holocaust" in a context unflattering to Jews, the ADL will tirelessly spew vitriol at you -- almost as corrosive as the sort the Dead Sea chemical-extraction factories expel into our planet's atmosphere!

Sophia said...


The article is not from me, it is by Philosophy professor Todd May, but I accept the kiss anyway, en tout bien tout honneur !
May highlights the unbearable exceptionnalism given to Israel by the holocaust. Unbearable because Israel is not using it to make justice to the jewish people, something we could all understand, but to make unjustices and to silence the critiques of its unjust actions.
I can think of no other state who can do what Isarel is doing right now and claim at the same time to have the 'moral ground' for it !

I know Behemoth's blog, read it regularly as I read yours and I think he is a great voice ! I read his last two posts and will post my comments later. Thanks for mentioning this anyway !

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