USrael as one rogue state

''It is plain to anyone - and this must include Paddy Ashdown - that Israel could not behave as it does without the diplomatic protection of the United States. If the US government announced that it would cease to offer military and diplomatic support if Israel refused to hand back the occupied territories, Israel would have to negotiate. The US government has power over that country. But can it be used?
A paper published in March by the US academics John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt documents the extraordinary influence the "Israel lobby" exercises in Washington. They argue that the combined forces of evangelical Christian groups and Jewish American organisations such as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee ensure that "Israel is virtually immune from criticism" in Congress and "also has significant leverage over the executive branch". Politicians who support the Israeli government are showered with funds, the paper contends, while those who contest it are cowed by letter-writing campaigns and vilification in the media. If all else fails, the"great silencer" is deployed: the charge of anti-semitism. Those who oppose the policies of the Israeli government are accused of hating Jews.''

See Also 'Blood On Our Hands' By Cenk Uygur (Warning: Disturbing Images)



Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Hi Sophie,

You’re speaking words of wisdom- “como siempre” as they say south of the Rio Grande.

In a remarkably well written and richly documented book called “Wrestling with Zion” (2003, edited by Tony Kushner and Alisa Solomon) Stanford’s Joel Beinin says the following:

The Single most important factor shaping the US-Israeli relationship over the last thirsty years has been has been the geo-strategic interest of the United States as perceived by Washington policy makers. Israel has […] threatened to topple or punish any Arab regime that undermined the secure supply of oil at a reasonable price. […] After the 1991 Gulf War such geo-strategic considerations were reduced. But twenty years of momentum and a thick network of relations had been established. A powerful coalition comprised of the Zionist lobby, evangelical Protestants, and arms makers now constitutes a significant domestic constraint on those who might seek to alter US policy toward Israel

Sophia said...

Hi Victor,

The Walt and Mearsheimer paper was based on one main premice not discussed and surprisingly neglected by most commentators: the after cold war context. Normally, the after cold war was going to break and greatly weaken the oil-arms-Israel-US alliance and lobbies but the terrorist menace was invented and attributed to Muslims and Arabs in order to maintain this murderous alliance.

In this context, I am reconsidering my own rational stance towards conspiracy theories, chiefly that of Thierry Meyssan which seems to me now more and more plausible (one has just to abandon ist rational thinking ans try to think like these murderous fools), given all this nonsense and the main fact, which was the subject of my last post: 'The US war on terror: A tragic farce'; the maintaining of Al-Qaeda's capacities intact to strike western interests whenever it pleases while ransacking the forces of progress, resistance and moderation in the ME !

Sophia said...

keep up the good work. Your posts and mine got a mention on this site.

Wolfie said...

Al-Qaeda serves two purposes, it keeps us in check and it keeps the US clients in the ME in check as they watch the spread and plead for US protection.

As the events of 9/11 unfolded live on the TV my colleagues thought I had lost it as I sat in silence with a wry smile but that's because I'm a cynical bastard.

I wouldn't go as far as Thierry Meyssan but LIHOP and even with a little help is certainly the ticket. If the US administration didn't invent Al-Qaeda, they should have.

Expect a major terrorist strike soon, my guess August.

Sophia said...


''If the US administration didn't invent Al-Qaeda, they should have.
Expect a major terrorist strike soon, my guess August.''

Sadly, this might be the case. They are already issuing warnings. One thing surprised me when we visited London this summer at the end of our stay in Europe was the absence of impressive security measures. We arrived by train from France and left from Heathrow. I expected something, I mean this country is still mourning the 7/7 victims !

When I will find some time from blogging on the current Lebanese tragedy, I will post a comparative note on security measures in the countries we visited. Should be interesting !

Richard said...

I'll look forward to that one, Sophia. I can't wait to get a 'foreign visitor's' take on this topic. (It's a bit of a hobby-horse of mine).

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