Moral exceptionalism: Only Israel has the right to preach to the world !

Olmert: ''Where do they get the right to preach to Israel?''

Rice: Lebanon violence to continue.


Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

« Many bloiggers for example think I am a leftist and I am not. »

“Bloiggers” ???

I mean like Jeez gal!

I’m gonna start thinking you have also “spent some time” in the Eretz entity…
In some old-fashioned Sovkhoz run by peaceniks with flowers in their (facial) air
“Leftist” is not an insult: it’s just an empty word, sullied by the Soviet tragedy
We “bloyggers” of the world know better: we cherish life and a world that is fair


Wolfie said...

There was a massive demonstration against the war here in London this weekend. The mainstream press have ignored it and down-played attendance figures naturally...

Report on the march.

Attempt to estimate the attendance.

Wolfie said...

And this little interest item on Al Jazeera seems relevant or at least interesting enough.

Sophia said...


Thanks for the info, I was desperately looking at reports on these protests and I found none, not even in the Guardian. There was one in Montreal, 15000, which is a big atendance for this city.

I had workers around the house so I took part of it but not the entire protest and, as always in important moments, I forget my Camera. I don't have the blogger intuition yet but I am going to ask my brother if, among his friends, someone can send me a picture of the protest.

Sophia said...


You have to be charitable and not pinpoint my typing errors !

Anonymous said...

Sophia here are some pictures from the Montreal demo that were emailed to me


Sorry cannot copy. You can see them at http://www.yayacanada.com/

Sophia said...

Thanks Issam

Sophia said...

Again, thanks a lot. I had more time this morning to examine the links you sent. They were great !

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