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Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Hi Sophie,

The Thirdworldist man Scottish girls call “Gorgeous George” strikes back at Bushmert and Olush on Murdoch TV:

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Gorgeous is the word!

Sophia said...


I don't like George as a polemist and I don't like the way he stops his interviewer frequently but may be it takes this to not let your interviewer deviate the subject and instill some lies in the questions, Shock and Awe.
I have to admit that the man talks straight sometimes.

When I was in London we watched the Lebanon coverage of the BBC and Sky and I can tell you that the BBC was much more biased than Sky. This is dangerous because most people think that the BBC is neutral and Sky is biased. I prefer decalred and not hidden biases.

Richard said...

Gorgeous George strikes again, eh? He's the man that many love to hate. For my own part, I'd say that that I love him - about 75%of the time. The other 25% of the time -- I daren't say, Sophie -- I'd probably use such strong language that you'd ban me.

Overall, I'd rather have a few men around who are like him -- that not have any at all. He can be a 'pain' at times, but who among us didn't learn some very useful lessons in life when growing up, from an occaisional quick slap across the bum? (Well, who among my generation and my childrens' at least.)

Richard said...

As for the BBC, it's a whole new ball there, believe me;that's been the case for a while now. I happen to know that for a fact but, sadly you'll just have to take my word for that as I honestly can't say any more for personal reasons.

Sophia said...

A sample from the BBC: It must have been July 23 or 24, I am not sure. They were interviewing Ms Andy Epstein, a british Jewish 'humanitarian' worker in Haifa. She said that '200 million Arabs want to drive Israel into the sea' and when the anchor asked her about civilian casualties in Lebanon, she said she 'is not allowed to talk Politics because she is a humanitarian worker' and the anchor did not dare point the contradiction in her statements !

My husband and I were watching Jaws dropping and my husband was indignated and asked how can a public service allow such bias.

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