The Second Montreal Protest Against Israel's War on Lebanon in Pictures


Saturday August 5th marked the second Montreal protest against Isarel's War on Lebanon. It was attended by many Quebecers, members of the Montreal area Lebanese community and the leaders of the Parti Québécois, Bloc Québecois, liberal MP Denis Coderre and the leader of the largest workers union in Québec (FTQ), Henri Massé. The crowd was estimated by many sources at 15000.

Henri Massé told Radio Canada last thursday that they were organising a manifesto calling for an immediate ceasefire as well as the respect by all parties, including Israel, of all UN resolutions concerning the conflict between Israel and Arab countries, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria
Isn't that getting at thr root of the problem Ms Rice and Mr. Bush ?

Around 40 000 Lebanese live in Montreal and area. Many Quebecers have watched their neighbours returning from their Lebanon vacations shocked and traumatised. Emotions are high in the beautiful province. The day of the protest, Israel-Quebec, a pro-Israel organisation, paid for a whole page in local newspapers accusing the politicians who were participating in the march of supporting a terrorist organisation, Hezbollah !

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