Politics and Terrorism

Under this rubrique title The Guardian reports on the bitter exchange between British Mulsim MPs, who wrote a letter to the government complaining about the UK's policies in the ME and Afghanistan as a cause for alienating young British Muslims, and Tony Blair's government ministers.
The answer to the Muslim MPs complaint was a flat: 'We don't want terrorism to dictate our policies' . But these ministers seem to need a course in logic because they don't fear contradictions. What the hell the British army is doing in Afghanistan and Iraq other than 'fighting terrorism' alongside Bush ? One way or another, terrorism is dictating UK's foreign policy under Tony Blair. However, he and his ministers choose to ignore one of the two ways, that their foreign and domestic policies are focused on terrorism, while being uncomfortable with the other, that their policies should be dictated by terrorism concerns !

I mean what kind of logic is this ? The US and the UK are sending their armies to fight individual terrorists and terror cells all over the globe, wherever they exist. How can they expect terrorism not to fight them back at home ? The advantage terrorism has over a regular army and a regular state consists of two features
- Terrorism is carried by individuals hence it is more mobile than an organised army;
- Terrorism is an idea in an individual mind
The only thing our countries will never be able to do is stop individuals and ideas from moving across borders more swiftly and more efficiently than armies and their heavy equipment and as long as western policies are focused on fighting terrorism with regular armies in other countries they will be at a great disadvantage. Terrorism can be fought only with intelligence, because intelligence is mobile, like terrorism. We also need the presence of armies where the threat exists and where protection from terrorism is needed, which means in the US and the UK and not in foreign soil ! How come our leaders think that we are at war with Terrorism and they don't even bother deploying the army to defend their own soils and the citizens who live on it ? But our leaders are doing exactly the contrary of what should be done: beefing up intelligence in their own countries while sending their armies in 'rogue' states harboring terrorists.
I will leave the logical conclusion that comes out from this non sense to any rational mind to draw upon the fallouts of the UK and the US leaders policies against terrorism but also upon their premices and motivations !


RoxieAmerica said...

The history of terrorism shows it based in resistance to government forces. This is reality of the beginnings of this movement. The question is, why has it been permitted to grow for the past several decades? It is time for all nations to consider how to bring these issues to peace, rather than war. The conflicts are growing. The weapons are growing. All nations and all groups have made mistakes in past related to issues concerning these issues. This includes my own nation. I have written on this in "Stay the Course? No! Change the Course!" http://blue-is-beautiful.blogspot.com/2006/08/stay-course-no-change-course.html

It is time to use more wisdom and less war to bring about peace.

Sophia said...

Sorry for my former anonymous commentator from an unknown country. I erased the story you planted in the comment section because it is a conspiracy theory elaborated by nobody else than people close to Bush to discredit the websites and the people who publish it.
Check DailyKos on this

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