Blair, The Guardian and their Arcs of Extremisms

Well before, but especially after the recent uncovering of the London 'liquid bombing plot', The Guardian started to go out of its way. Every day, I am reading shocking commentaries about Islam and Muslims mixing together extremist Salafism, which is the West's creation, and local Islamist resistance movements like Hamas and Hezbollah, which are Israel's creation.

Worse, an opinion Leader in the Observer last sunday says innocently that what Islam is doing to the west is all bad while the west has done nothing wrong but every good to Islam mentioning the Balkans, Bosnia and Kosovo as good services from the West to Islam with no word for Palestine, Israel, Guantanamo, AbuGhraib and the continuous support of the west to corrupt Arab regimes !

My interpretation of this turn is either one of these:

-The Guardian is trying to cover up for the shocking Israeli defeat !
-The Guardian is trying to give credit to Tony Blair after much of England and the World expressed doubts about the timing of his 'terror plot' !
-The Guardian is really sincere (but erroneous nonetheless) in its portraying of Islam, and those who are trying to foment world trouble by stigmatising Islam and Muslims in order to give Israel free hands in the ME have won !

May be the three premices above are all true and in this case, a new arc of extremism is born within 'moderate' European leftists. I believe this is the case and I believe that moderation is loosing ground every day our leaders and our press are inflating their rethoric along with their military muscle against Arabs and Muslims in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Iran ! Brave new World !

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