Shattered lives in Lebanon

Who was Salwa Wehbé ?

Most of the time, when we see pictures of people killed on TV or in newspapers, our perception of the life that is behind is always abstract. A life is a story and not everybody has the ability to construct a story out of a picture, especially when often such pictures are clouded by political, strategic, military or simply spin commentary and journalism of this sort, made most of the time to cover the troubling issues of the day like the Israeli defeat at the hands of Hezbollah for example !

But those friends of Israel who are bitter today and cannot even aknowledge Israel's defeat are pathetic and blind. They can be assured that Israel made sure that its own military defeat would be a human defeat for Lebanese and for Hezbollah. Minutes before ceasefire Israelis were still bombing appartment buildings, civilians and economic infratsructure in Beyrouth and the south. How can The Guardian let such a huge amount of hate spill over their paper when Lebanese, Arabs and Muslims are mourning their dead today !

I learned, from the Palestinian and lebanese crises, that the West's contempt for Arabs and Muslims is a blind process, remnant of its colonial past and it is called Racism !


JD said...

Islamo-Facism ! The west have done everything possible since the early 1990's to make the middle east and Islamic countries as messy as possible, by their colonies, their brutal regimes, dividing the land, creating a Jewish state while kicking defenseless people out of their homes, by supporting most of their dictators and never giving a helping hand for any reformists! What worse can be done ? Oh yes, call all of them terrorists because of the few people who lost their sanity in the process, and let all of them now hate us, forever.

JD said...

sorry I meant , "since the early 1900's" and not 1990's ! . Just as a note, going back to the history of Arabs and Islam (I am not a muslim) you can see that Muslims have been the one who prosecuted the least other religions. But as I said hatred was being nourished for long time, and opportunities for peace and prosperity in the region have been avoided. Still,I would say a majority of arabs do not hate westerners, they blame them and hate their policy makers.

media revolutionary said...

looking from space, we can see that the human organism has cancer. The infectious cells of colonialism and empirical egos has tainted all the cells of the human essence. when cease fire means hit 'em sleeping and rearm, we may want to re-evaluate and start doing surgery on the whole race - cutting out the disease or better yet euthanizing the old man and allowing a rebirth, a baby free of the corruption of thinking that thinking about thinking is such a good idea - and try again.

Maybe we need a little nihilism and accept our destiny as the generation to end the human experiment and let the cockroaches have a go. I am a "terrorist" cell waiting to put the show on-air, not even choosing sides but fulfilling prophesy and ACTING OUT!

We know the names and the faces of the accussed. We know the tactics and the history. How long can we be slapped in the face before we stop asking for a "cessation of hostilities" (i mean how does semantics = action) and we slap back.

Maybe we need to just start shooting - video; recruiting our youth sceptical enough to think for themselves; question everything - even this peace idea; and get to the revolution already.



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