A Short Glossary of Zionist and Israeli Terms

Palestine: 'A land without people for people without land'

How come 20% of its population and 100% of the occupied Palestinian territories are natives ? This is because these are Arabs and not Palestinians, they came from neighbouring Arab countries when they foresaw with the advent of Zionism an opportunity to grab some land.
How come they accept to live under occupation while they can live in Palaces ? Well, that's hard to answer but Israel has been doing its best to make them understand that they must get a life elsewhere.

Existence means Expansion. After all, isn't the universe expanding ? Until this theory is proved wrong, Existence will mean Expansion for Israel. Universal harmony. Madonna may even venture to say that, having learned Kabbalah, this state of things has to do with Kabbalah.

Withdrawal means occupation. Isn't Israel delaying of its withdrawal from Lebanon the only thing that is making UN resolution 1701 respected and the ceasefire effectif ?

Moderate: ''I think we must be careful here to define just who is a "moderate". A leader may appear to be "moderate" to others if he refrains from calling for totalitarian world conquest, but Israelis would still classify him as a mortal threat if he called for the destruction of Israel." Quoted from Solomon2

Sabra and Chatila massacres: First these were not massacres but 'legitimate killings of palestinian civilians hiding militants'. They are called massacres and they engage Israel's responsibility as the only foreign army in presence only because of Israel's high standards when it comes to protecting civilians and respecting Human rights.
''The Palestinian leadership was evacuated by Western forces from Beirut to Tunisia when Israel invaded in 1982 in response to repeated Palestinian attacks and bombardments from Lebanese territory, and Israel didn't participate in the Lebanese massacre of the Palestinian camps (indeed, I have read hostile accounts of people who survived by running to Israeli troops), though by Israeli (not Arab) standards its troops should have stood between the Lebanese and the Palestinians to better prevent such things from happening.''
Again quoted from Solomon2

Submission: It all depends to whom we are submitted. It is called 'Submission' to terrorism if it is Hezbollah and 'Moderation' if it is Israel. In the latter case, 'Terrorism' becomes 'Taking Control'
According to Solomon2

I could have dismissed the last three definitions as being the opinions of one person but they are actually quite pervasive and representative of the current thinking among current Political elites in the US, Israel and unconditional allies.

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

OK- but, still WHO COMMITED the massacres?
You know the truth- Lebanese Christians. The leader of the commiters was even a minister later in Lebanon.
So why don't you mention it? Maybe you have your own version of reality..

Solomon2 said...

I didn't write the last definition. Until you rectify the attribution, I won't comment further.

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Hi Madam S,

On another topic, I have a technical problem with the comments section of my last posting: the total number of comments is blocked at 1 even though there are more (you only see them in the "Save a Commeent" pop-up window).

Can you help?


Anonymous said...


If I had a pit bull and he bits you. Can I then claim innocence?

The facts are there if you want to see them. Israeli flares that illuminatedf the camps, Israeli air transports that delivered their militia to the Beirut airport(the staging area), and Israeli JNF bulldozers who tore down the barricades at the entrance to the camps.


Battal Agha said...

Sophia ya Sophia - So you have no problems in Lebanon? Why wasting your time on such "glossary" when you would be better thinking about the mess you have in your country. And by the way, don't blame Israel for all - That's the easy way out.

Anonymous said...

Battal la Battal.

Of course we have problems in Lebanon but they are the result of the "mess' left by the mandate powers in the Levant.

Israel is their enforcer and all the goverments we have and have had, exist at their and their patrons pleasure.

All of the states in the Levant would not last days without the support or tolerance of Israel and its patrons.

Israel is by far the greatest economic, military and political power in the ME. To deny the fact that it is responsible for much of what happens in Lebanon or the ME, even Washington is to avoid reality.

Syria could not have stayed in Lebanon for 29 years without the acquiessence of Israel and the US.

As for Lebanese politics, it is just a reflection of regional politics, nothing else . We suffer the symptoms , the real disease is Israel and western policies in the region.

Sophia has often commented on Lebanon's situation. Obviously, you do not read her blog regularily .


Ibn Kafka said...

Excellent, Sophia! On pourrait rajouter d'autres définitions, notamment relatives à la souveraineté du Liban, sacrée vis-à-vis de la Syrie, un peu moins vis-à-vis d'Israël...

Keep up the good work!

Sophia said...

Merci Ibn Kafka, Si kafka vivait de nos jours il n'en croirait pas ses yeux. J'ai brièvement visitré ton blog et reviendrai bientôt.

Since March 29th 2006