Avigdor Lieberman or how do we say facist in hebrew

From Le Monde Diplomatique via Alain Gresh's blog, an anthology of Avigdor Lieberman, the new vice prime minister and minister for Strategic Threats, a key member of Israel's security cabinet in charge of the Iran portfolio.

In French.

I am only translating one quote:

''Mon plan propose de placer la plupart des Arabes sous autorité palestinienne en excluant les villages arabes des territoires sous souveraineté israélienne. Parce que si on accepte la création d’un Etat palestinien sans trouver une solution aux Arabes israéliens, notamment les musulmans parmi eux qui habitent les villages du Triangle et qui se trouvent pour leur majorité sous l’influence de la section nord du mouvement islamiste, ce serait notre fin.'' Décembre 2004

''My plan for most Israeli Arabs is to transfer them under the Palestinian Authority while excluding Arab villages in the territories which are under Israeli sovereignty. Because if we accept the creation of a Palestinian state without finding a solution to Israeli Arabs, especially Muslims who live in the villages of the Triangle and who are under the influence of the northern section of the Islamist movement, it will be the end for us.''

What Lieberman is proposing is a redrawing of the green line for the sole purpose of more ethnic cleansing.


e said...

Forcing people to leave their homes is ethnic cleansing. Drawing lines on maps while everybody stays at home is not.
Some Israeli Arabs are worried that they will become citizens of the Palestinian state instead of Israel.
Since according to them Israel treats them like second class citizen why are they so intent on remaining Israeli citizens??? If Israel is so bad wouldn't they prefer their own Palestinian state?
Can someone explain this to me? Israel is willing to give more land to the Palestinian state yet even this is bad and Lieberman is labeled a fascist.

Sophia said...


I don't know what you are talking about, you and other anonymous from israel and the US invading my blog recently should just go elsewhere where your comments may be effective.
Don't loose your time on my blog.
I am not going to discuss with you.
And I am quite fed up and will be turning the comment moderation.

e said...

Lieberman wants to redraw the boundaries of Israel, not evict Israeli Arabs from their home. For example, Om el Fachem with 200,000 Arabs will move from Israel to the Palestinian state. From an Arab prespective, why is that so bad?

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