A Jewish Lobby for Peace: The end of 'The Pro-Israel Lobby' ?

The excellent Alain Gresh reports on an intiative in the US for a Jewish lobby for Peace with the Palestinians. What follows is mainly a translation from Gresh's site.

At the origin of the idea, which is gathering momentum, a letter signed by some 150 intellectuals, academics and ex diplomats, most of them Jewish. Norman Birnbaum, one of the letter initiators declared to the Financial Times, which published the story, that the pro-Israel lobby in the US has built a 'Warsaw ghetto for the minds'.

However, AIPAC seems so ingrained in American Politics that nine persons who signed the letter declared that they are not willing to work against but with AIPAC. Some of the members who signed the letter are also suspicious of the presence of George Soros behind the initiative whom they accuse of being anti-zionist and a harsh critic of Israel.

The declared objective is to lobby for a two state solution. The very presence of such an initiative shows that the current political leaders and Politicians in Israel and the US are not working toward peace in the ME.

Justin Raimondo on AntiWar.com has an interesting analysis, according to him, the AIPAC will never recover from the fact that two of its former prominent members were charged for violating the espionage act and for transmitting sensitive information from the US government to Israel, working directly with the Israeli embassy in Washington. The AIPAC affair has many tentacles. Jane Harman, Democrat and member of the intelligence committee of the US congress, is being investigated. Her bureau leaked classified intelligence information to the New York Times and the goal of the investigation is to find links pointing to Israel.

According to Raimondo, the shell of the organisation will continue to exist but the substance will have to be replaced and this is why there is a momentum gaining for a new lobby that will appear more 'liberal' and more open to peace than AIPAC.


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