Israel's wars as a sustainable development strategy for Tourism

Looking for a five star accomodation for your next vacations ?
Do you want to make a humanitarian contribution during your vacations ?
Do you want to watch the barbarians of the Middle East from behind a secure fence in Israel and under the protection of the Israeli army and Intelligence forces ?
Do you want to feel the excitement of being secure and on the good side of history while others die 'lawfully' thanks to your money ?
Do you want to see the terrorists you watch daily on your TV screen and you wonder if they exist ?
Do you want to watch and receive briefings about how Israel can kill morally and strike surgically ?
Do you want to see the last remnants of a great culture, a great country and a great population which resisted heroically occupation, starvation and killings ?

The Ultimate Mission to Israel is for You*.

''Mission Highlights
Briefings by Mossad officials and commanders of the Shin Bet.
Briefing by officers in the IDF Intelligence and Operations branches.
Inside tour of the IAF unit who carries out targeted killings.
Live exhabition of penetration raids in Arab territory.
Observe a trial of Hamas terrorists in an IDF military court.
First hand tours of the Lebanese front-line military positions and the Gaza border check-points.
Inside tour of the controversial Security Fence and secret intelligence bases.
Meeting Israel's Arab agents who infiltrate the terrorist groups and provide real-time intelligence.
Briefing by Israel's war heros who saved the country.
Meetings with senior Cabinet Ministers and other key policymakers.
Small airplane tour of the Galilee, Jeep rides in the Golan hights, water activities on Lake Kinneret, a cook-out barbecue and a Shabbat enjoying the rich religious and historic wonders of Jerusalem's Old City. ''

* This blog does not consider this information as an ad and consequently will not accept paiements form the Israel Law Center who organises the mission because their funds are mainly collected from terrorist organisations...
Thanks Abu-Issa for the info.


Behemoth101 said...

Sounds like my Birthright Trip, but with fewer armed guards!

A truly vulgar display of chutzpah by the all-encompassing Judeo-fascist propaganda wing.

Stay tuned for a profile of various Facebook groups, such as "I'm not Jewish but I stand with Israel in fighting terror" et cetera.

Sophia said...

This is a tragic theme park for consenting adults...
Before they used to organise visits to the kibbutz. Every European leftist, Jew or non Jew have made the pilgrimage. Many of our french ir even canadian friends when meeting me for the first time used to tell me about the emotion they felt standing at the Israeli-Lebanese frontier feeling that they were watching History, a Jewish state rising in the desert amid ambiant hostility. At that time, it was not about hezbollah but about Palestinian militant these visitors were supposed to watch at the frontier as a living reminder of the threat to israel,s existence...

Anonymous said...

do you want to go lebanon?
do you want to enjoy in liberal country that 50% of them suppor in hizballa?
do you want to picture dead bodies and then published this and wonder why?
do you want to be in the south border and demonstrate against israel and throw stones on the soldiers?
do you want to demonstrate and celebrate your "divine" victory on israel when half of your state destroy?
I see your articals and I dont understand how you can scorn israel, you refer us like we are retardate nation with stupid people...do you look at your self sometimes?
you live in a third world country, you solver you arguments with civils war, you have no army, you support in terrorists party, you are religions, and if someone offer you peace you reject him, like you are doing right now.
why you dont respect us and expect we will respect you?
stop be so patronizing 'cause believe me you have so much to learn from israel...I pity on you that you can not accept the other and you so ignored to your neighbor, and scorn them...cause we dont do that to you.
we have nothing against you, but you have a lot against us...so its sad...I dont buy anymore your sad stories...I used to do this...but now I see how much hate you have in your heart.
in israel we like to hear on Lebanese culture, we very intresting in your country and respect your people, we against the hizballa that shoot on us (and you vote it for the parlament) but we are not against you.
stop showing israel like stupid nation because as I see this you know only one side of israel and you even not intresting in the other side.

Anonymous said...

Thank God there are other faces of Israel, like Uri Avnery and Gush Shalom. Problem is that the majority of Israelis treat both (and their members/supporters) as they do so many others who are not raving, zealot Zionists.

I wonder decent Isarelis don't start to sort that evil mob out before trying sort out anyone else?

Gert said...

This is essentially a brainwashing campaign for rich American Israel-zealots.

Since March 29th 2006