Olmert's Gesticulations

I was surprised to read the Lebanese news this morning. Ehud Olmert is still active on the political scene, he si not dead, politically dead I mean, neither his chief of Defence who is filling his obligations by making sure his warplanes are flying daily the Lebanese airspace in violations of UN resolutions. Habits are hard to break, especially the bad ones.

Can somebody tell me what is the meaning of Olmert's latest political moves ? I mean if I was the man and I want to stay in the Politic business, after the Lebanese fiasco, I would hide for sometime from the political limelight and make people forget who I am and eventually return as a born-again. Bush might have some good advice in that matter. But that's not the style of Israeli Politicians...

After weakening the Lebanese government of Fouad Sanyura with an ugly war and leaving south Lebanon as a gigantic mine for deadly cluster bombs killing in the absence of his army, Olmert is now extending an olive branch to Sanyura while Refusing to talk to Syria. According to Lebanese sources, Olmert is also accusing Syria of planning to topple the Sanyura government. Olmert is no more credible than Jumblatt when he utters such accusations. And to assume that such a plan really exists, it looses any credibility when accredited by Olmert.

It seems also that, after having failed to adopt a Sharon style Politics, Olmert is converting to Lebanese style politics; manipulative rethoric, fingerpointing, accusations and gesticulations.

Doesn't Olmert know that by these moves it is he who is helping to topple Sanyura's government and reinforce its isolation and weakness at the internal Lebanese political scene ? Or may be that's just what he wants because if Olmert really wanted to make peace with Lebanon, he shouldn't have gone to war in July...


Richard said...

Maybe your "maybe" thinking is right, Sophia.

Sophia said...

Israelis want to make peace only when they feel the pressure to do so or if they feel that they are going to make huge gains they cannot make otherwise. The have never been genuinely interested by peace.

Since March 29th 2006