Actualité de tous les jours: Zionist bullying

Does anybody know why Israel is shelling Gaza ?

Does anybody know why Zionist settlers are disrupting Palestinian's olive harvest in the West Bank ?

Please see Tsahal's courageous soldiers in action against the imprisoned and starved civilian population in Gaza.


Anonymous said...

Why is Israel back in Gaza? Since the day Israel left Gaza, Gaza has been shooting rockets into Israel every day. But not every rocket killed an Israel. Many rockets just destroyed buildings, so why is Israel so upset?

Sophia said...

''“We believe that one primary, unstated motive for the determination of the government of the State of Israel to get the Jewish settlers of the Qatif (Katif) settlement block out of the Gaza Strip may be to keep them out of harm's way when the Israeli government and military possibly trigger an intensified mass attack on the approximately one and a half million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, of whom about half are 1948 Palestine refugees. The scenario could be similar to what has already happened in the past - a tactic that Ariel Sharon has used many times in his military career - i.e., utilizing provocation in order to launch massive attacks.”

Uri Davis, Ilan Pappe, Tamar Yaron – July, 2005

Sophia said...

''une in Gaza

On June 8, the Israeli army assassinated Jamal Abu Samhadana of the Popular Resistance Committees, who had just been appointed head of the security forces of the Interior Ministry by the Palestinian government, and three others. On June 9, 30,000 Palestinians attended the funeral.

That same day, June 9, an Israeli gunboat stationed off the coast of the Beit Lahiya beach fired seven artillery shells at Palestinian families on a picnic on the beach, wiping out one family. The shells killed a mother (Ra’eesa Ghaila), a father (Ali Issa Gahlia), and five children (Haitham, Hanadi, Sabreen, Ilham, Alia) and wounded 32 others, including 13 children.

On June 13, an Israeli plane fired a missile into a busy Gaza City street and killed 11 people, including two children and two medics, in two waves. The first missile killed several. Then, when others came to the scene to help, they were killed by a second missile.

According to the Israeli military, these attacks were in retaliation for homemade rockets fired from Gaza at the Sderot settlement, though military spokespeople rarely refer to injury or fatality statistics due to these rockets (8 Israelis have been killed by Qassam rockets in the past 5 years). The Israeli defence minister, discussing Israel’s new killings, said "we have been showing restraint due to the international storm caused by the incident on the Gaza beach - but no longer."

On June 20, the Israeli army, attempting to assassinate a Palestinian adult, killed three Palestinian children (Mohammad Jamal Shukri Rouqa, 6, Samia Mahmoud Ziad al-Sharif, 5, and Bilal Jasser al-Hissi, 16) and injured 15 others in Gaza with a missile attack.

On June 21, the Israelis attacked Khan Yunis with a missile and killed a 35-year old pregnant woman, Fatmeh Ahmad, killed her brother Zachariya Ahmad, and injured 11 others, including 6 children.

Then, on June 25, a group of Palestinians attacked an Israeli military checkpoint. They killed two soldiers, captured one, and lost two of their own. Having been captured during a military operation, Cpl. Shalit became a hostage when the Palestinians offered to trade him for the 400 children and 100 women Israel has imprisoned. Israel replied, on June 28, by taking hostages of its own – including several dozen members of the elected government – and offering (on June 29) to trade these new hostages, not the women and children, for Shalit.
The new Palestinian hostages, however, were probably not captured as bargaining chips, but as a move to ‘regime change’. In addition to assassinating and taking members of the government, Israel launched an air strike on the Palestinian interior ministry.

After the month just described, the Palestinian operation of June 25 is the one described in the media as an “escalation” in the conflict.

Escalation did come, however, as it had weeks before, from Israel, which launched the air strikes and the invasion that are now ongoing. Photos of Israeli soldiers preparing for the invasion suggest a celebratory atmosphere that does not bode well for any of those who are likely to suffer from this escalation. (First, Second, Third photo)

Whether the invasion compels Palestinians to release Cpl. Shalit or endangers his life further, it has already cost several Palestinians and one Israeli their lives. But Electronic Intifada writer Rifat Odeh Kassis quotes an Israeli military spokesman saying that Cpl. Shalit and the Gaza invasion are ‘two different stories’: “In other words Gaza will be invaded one way or the other. According to Israeli daily, Yediot Ahronot, the invasion of Gaza was planned much earlier than the kidnapping of the soldier. This means not only will child prisoners not be released in exchange for the soldier’s life, but more children will most likely be killed in the coming invasion.”

If the release of Cpl. Shalit cannot end the invasion, how will it come to an end? All the brutality toward the people of Gaza has not made them compliant. Dr. Mona Elfarra of the al-Awda hospital in the Jabaliya refugee camp told Democracy Now: “You can see twenty -- 2,000 people last night demonstrated in the middle camps of Gaza Strip against the release of the soldier, or the release of the soldier in swap of the political prisoners.”

Past Israeli governments have negotiated for Israeli soldiers, but the “Hannibal Directive”, reported by Chris McGreal, suggests that the Israeli invasion is setting up a more tragic outcome for everyone involved.

The invasion escalates Gaza’s desperate situation. Dr. Mona Elfarra notes: “Al-Awda Hospital's mediction supplies are enough for only one week of routine use. If the operation continues and casualty numbers increase, I am warning that a health disaster will follow.”

The terrible disproportion of this invasion could be the result of opportunism, taking advantage of the capture of a soldier to decapitate a people of their leadership and advance a program of mass starvation and murder, based on a twisted moral calculus that values some lives and not others. That moral calculus seems to have been adopted the world over, with a few exceptions. Palestinians’ chances of survival are tied to these exceptions, as well as their own resistance. ''

source article

Anonymous said...

Any response from Israel always seems to be disproportionate. Israel should just accept that Hamas/Gaza will be firing rockets at Israel forever. Israel must learn to live with a constant barrage of rockets.

markfromireland said...

Israel wouldn't have the rockets to worry about if it'd stop behaving like a racist and aggressive colonist power towards its neighbours. But that's the problem with basing your state on an explicitly racist ideology such as Zionism.

It's the nature of the thing Israel as a state is unable of their very nature to not behave as a racist and aggressive colonialist power towards its neighbours.

Sophia said...

Thanks for the comment. I think there are some differences in this conflict which are immersed in Israeli propaganda.

The violence of the opressed does not equal the violence of the opressor here. This is a fact.

This is a state of war. What does Israel expect when it invades a country, displaces people, denies them basic rights, land, etc...Does it expect the other side to welcome it with flowers ? We live in times that discredit resistance as much as the resistance of the American continent aboriginals to the European invasion of their land was unjustly called savagery. And you know what ? With all their alleged savagery, the Indians of America were not able to repell the colonialist invasion and it will be much the same, with all their 'horrible' rockets the Palestinians will not be able to stop zionism exterminating them.
So please zionists stop crying and lamenting, this is a scandalously unequal war !

e said...

Israel is made up of people. Israel's nature comes from the nature of its people. I understand you believe that it is made up of 6 million people with a racist nature.
I think your remark is a blatantly racist generalization.

Sophia said...

Hi e,

I think I am going to answer this one for Mark. Mark can still post his own answer. I don't like you attacking people on my blog. Mark was attacking the nature of the state. But if you equate the people with the state then you are an extremist nationalist who think that people are nothing and all that exist is the state which embodies the people. Communism was like that and the worst authoritarian regimes are exczatly like that.
Your equation is a despisable one, nationalism at its worst, a nationalism that does not leave place to the individual.
Can you tell me what your zionist friends, who try to appear as liberals in the eyes of the west, think of your equation ? Again the duplicity of zionism, liberal when it suits and backward and nationalist when it is convenient to throw accusations at others.

Behemoth101 said...

Ah, but by E equivocating l'etat with la peuple, he means to say that there is moral equivalence for violence. In other words, since we're dealing with a bunch of ignorant/insensitive Zionist colonizers, ANYTHING GOES!

Although, in all seriousness, I should point out to you, Sophia, the idea of "unequal war" borders on "just war theory" - a perversion of philosophy that allows sophist neo-cons and Zino-crats access to U.S. foreign policy! Boucle la porte!

Behemoth101 said...


Chouf la pierre du touche la plus recent de mobilisations globals Sionos: Israelrules

Tabarnak! La recrudescence de la diffamation de sang au liban... juste comme auparavant mais avec les bombes nucleaires. How did we not see this coming?

Le problem est bien simple: L'anticipation de la haine- ca pousse tout le monde au violence.

En apparence, les Isr-aliens sont tous pour le cessez-le-feu... comme on dit: Autant on emporte le vent!

Sophia said...

Behemoth ,

Your swear in French Québécois. Do you know what Tabarnak means ? Most swearing in Quebec has to do with things related to religion.

Behemoth101 said...

Ouai, Sophia, mais c'etait juste une blague. Je suis vachement amoreux de joual. N'aie pas peur, c'est pas qqchose de mechant.

J'ai fait un enquete en droit au Quebec il y avait deux etes. J'habitais la pendant six semaines et maintenant quand je parle francais, les mots quebecois sortent de ma bouche, inevitablement!

L'enquete etait sur la legislation anti-terroriste et et sur une loi qui s'appelle "l'acte d'urgence". J'ai fait quelques interviews avec des profs notables a U de M et Meh-giiil et au UToronto et Laval. Comme "la belle province/pays" est tellement charmante (Montreal et la ville de Quebec surtout!).

Mais khallas, que penses-tu de cette "nouvelle diffamation de sang"?

Sophia said...


J'espère que tu as aimé notre beau Québec. Ne t'inquiète pas, Tabarnake ne m'offense pas du tout. je connais quelques autres aussi: 'Caalisse' et Crisss de...

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