Looking for a strategy in Iraq and the ME after all those years !

Middle East Memo has an interesting post on the recent mullings and musings of the Bush administration about a strategy in Iraq, after all those years !

Blog author Victor de la Vega mulls on his part on the 'rationale' behind all the brain storming for finding a strategy. As neo-cons and Bushies are fond of metaphors, Victor bets on the pseudo-scientific metaphor of the pseudo-scientific, pseudo rationalist game theory brought in the official discourse about finding a strategy in Iraq that we are used to by now.

I bet on the pseudo-people, pseudo-brains, pseudo-minds, pseudo-intellects, pseudo-hearts and pseudo-human beings having brought us the War in Iraq and the project for a New Middle East !

Not only Iraq but the Middle East is faltering from everywhere. Israel is claiming by the voice of its prime minister self hailed war expert, who was not able to conduct a war in Lebanon against a guerilla, that the war in Iraq was actually successful, while occupying more land in Palestine, killing and harrassing more Palestinians in front of a silent and subjugated world and with the help of the US veto !

The leaders of the March 14th movement in Lebanon have been warning of an assassination, the only way political dialogues can actually be conducted in Lebanon, since they felt let down recently by Bush and the Neo-Cons and it seems that the assassination has happened. They have already found the assassins ! The US should hire these people to solve some unsolved high profile assassinations marring its recent history.

All this mayhem reminds me of a good novel I read a while ago where the central character, a field researcher in primates ethology, confronts her boss's theory that Chimps are good by proving that they are actually cannibalists and warmongerers. Being so committed and trapped in his own theory, the boss sees his universe faltering and instead of admitting the evidence tries to get rid of it and of the researcher alltogether.

What we are witnessing in the ME is the demise of the projects and ideologies America's neo-cons set out to implement in order to hide the malaise of a country and an empire trapped in their constant need for wars, ennemies and fear generating beliefs and to show that Humanity should be distrusted, that only laws, force, wars and warmongering leaders can protect the citizens and the state. Pretty much like the chimps of the novel...Except that Chimps act according to their instincts and we can act according to our beliefs. The more we implement these neo-cons made beliefs in people's minds via our CNNs and Fox News and the more our world will look like a Chimp society. This is funny because anthropomorphism in behavioural science got it wrong on Chimps by portraying them first as peaceful and loving, human-like. How come we used to think of ourselves as peace lovers and why we don't anymore ?

My bet is that, deceived by not being able to make Chimps at our image, we are making ourselves at their image by behaving as groups and not as human beings...


naj said...

Did you hear about Israelies attacking Louise Arbore today (with stones and rocks) for UN's being too harsh on Israel?

Sophia said...


No but I read in le Monde yesterday that Olmert was attcking both the UN and france implicitly by saying that Israel has no lessons to receive from anybody. Also the Israeli ambassador to the UN said that france who sponsored the resolution condemning israel was throwing flowers to terrorists.

naj said...

okey this is disturbing me. I can't find the report on CBC!

I turned the radio on as I was driving to work today and I caught the tail of a news item about an "explosion" "Louis arbor was at th eUN headquarters but she was not injured." And she was saying that Israel has the right to defend its citizens but it also has to do so according to law ... and that she was thrown rocks at ... and why can't

I cannot find any trace of this on CBC? Are chickens at CBC "editing" things to not offend our "best friend Israel?"


( do you think Israelies assasinated this cabinet minister too?)

naj said...

this is all I found (Arbour Tour) ... but this doesn't reflect Israelies reactions!

Grmbling some more ...

Randy said...

we are seeing the mass suicide of Hamas in Gaza. Hamas insists on shooting rockets into Israel, Hamas is begging Israel to punish it. This causes deaths to innocent Palestinians.

naj said...

Here CTV has it:
But Arbour's team received an angry reception


UN embassador urges "Israel to act in accordance with international law in the face of Palestinian militant attacks.

Sophia said...


One should not reasonably exclude Israel from the equation in the assassinations going on in Lebanon. After all, Syria is not the only country having political interests in Lebanon. Moreover, during the civil war, Israel trained the christian militia and intervened militarily so I don't see why all fingers are pointing at Syria. Syria is not the only player in Lebanon. Just before the lebanese war last July three spies were discovered in Palestinian camps and they confessed working for the mossad. What is worrying is that these spies and may be others have actually infiltrated in Lebanon groups of Muslim Wahhabists, the Saudi brach of Muslim extremists.

Sophia said...

Did anyone noticed the presence among the commentators of a zionist troll named Randy ? Actually, sometimes they are funny and their comments are real jewels like the one here. This is why I published this one.

However, I ask everybody not to engage in a discussion with Randy. The premices are skewed.

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Dear fellow Nazarene-North American “anti-conformist”,

Thanks for the link.

And for your enlightening commentary of my commentary: I quite like our cross-referencing of posts and links…

Makes me feel kind of “Talmudic” whatever that means!


Once again, thanks for your relentless contribution to the fight against Bushmert, “for coals [Cheney would say oil] thou art putting on his head, And Yahweh giveth recompense to thee” (Hebrew Saying N° 25:22)

PS: Bring out (some of) the TeX-Aviv trolls: they're highly entertaining characters in their own twisted Pharisaic way!

naj said...

Yup this is what I have been thinking.

I wonder what doomsday they have planned to convince the smart populace of their uncle Sam to use his big bombies on the real (haahaaa) terrorists who carry Mossad's plans!

Sophia said...

Naj, Victor,

I can see that our israeli friends have been so kind to Louise that they eveen arranged for a rocket to land hear her to let her learn first hand about israeli suffering !
There are a lot of israeli paid Palestinian thugs who can do the job in Gaza for a fistful of dollars.
Curious that israeli are getting better now ar precision bombing.

Anonymous said...

Syria, not Israel, is behind Lebanon assassinations. Israel has nothing to gain when Hizbollah topples Lebanon govt.

naj said...

ah another Zioumorous anonmous post to brighten the day! Thanks for letting these wonderous minds glow every now and again, Sophia!

Wolfie said...

This recent news is sad indeed, though not entirely unexpected.

I do find the Israeli position rather irrational. They embarked on a military campaign which was certain to weaken the existing government. Even if they had been successful in implementing their [stated] fantasy agenda they would have rendered the Lebanese a paper tiger and the vacuum would have been filled.

So now I ask myself; is the Israeli government wicked and deceitful, insane or is it simply a hollow and bloated brag that Jews are "smart people"? Because from where I'm sitting they look laughably stupid. I'm sure that the people of Lebanon will thank them for unleashing the golem upon them for years to come.

If they had any shame they would go home and lick their wounds in silence.

Sophia said...

''Syria, not Israel, is behind Lebanon assassinations. Israel has nothing to gain when Hizbollah topples Lebanon govt.''

Anonymous, let me tell you sonmething: Israel has a lot to gain from a civil war in Lebanon because the balance of power in lebanon right noiw is not to its advantage. Israel has to gain from all this mayhem in the ME because it can kill Palestinians silently and nobody will notice.
Olmert was the only one to praise the results and the aftermath of the war on Iraq as successful.

Sophia said...


Don't worry. if we are talking about the present political cast in Israel and Lebanon, they are both stupid on both sides of the frontier !

Sophia said...


Well I feel pretty well with comment moderation now. I make zionists write what I want them to write !

Randy said...

Naj & Sophia, instead of bashing me, can you discuss Syria's role in destablizing Lebanon?

This blog is a microcosm of the Jew-hating that blinds discussion in the Middle East. In Lebanon, Arabs haved killed an Arab and you want to blame it on Jews. Sounds familiar.

I still like you :)

Sophia said...


I will not discuss with you. If you want to discuss with Naj I ask you and ask Naj to do this discussion on her blog.

I personally don't like you.
Thanks for not vsiting my blog again

Since March 29th 2006