Bush's latest plan for Iraq

More of the same, writes Pierre Tristam in his Candide's Notebooks, and even worse. As time goes by, the problems of the occupied and the occupiers are becoming inextricable, and the political landscape deprived from real alternatives.

''The question now is what to do with a pair of broken nations—ours as well as Iraq, and whether it will be possible to extricate one from the other without blazing up more conflagrations than we’ll put out. The mere fact that the president is being given prime-time deference is indication that even now, the nation is more complicit in his crime than willing to prosecute it, let alone prosecute him. We keep expecting a miracle, although even a resignation speech would not do. Look at what would replace him.''

Well, actually, Bush's new plan is not exactly quite more of the same. In addition to the 20000 US soldiers who will be sent to Baghdad to 'consolidate' security there, Bush wants schools to be painted in Iraq. School painting ! Don't you find this bizarre when we know that Iraqi children have nothing to eat.

Well, it is not that bizarre as a project, Bush must have picked this up at MSN Home.
''Paint is by far the easiest and fastest way to perk up a tired house. Nothing will please you or your neighbors more than a well-chosen (and well-applied) coat of fresh color. A full exterior paint job isn't exactly the easiest project, but just about anyone can do it, and the rewards are immediate and dramatic.''

Yes, paint Iraq's schools, and Iraqis, and their neighbors, will feel less miserable. Bush also will feel less miserable. By now he might be already busy consulting this site trying out the colours. That's a difficult decision to take; the colours of the New Iraq ! And he's got a serious problem on his hands trying out the colours. Nothing will be strong enough to hide the colour Red, the present colour of Iraq, the colour of the blood running out from the veins of those who are slaughtered daily. Unless Bush chooses Black, the colour of mourning. Definitely, the only way for Bush to fix things in Iraq is to leave it alone, and to mourn, with his neo-con friends, the few glorious days of CNN and Fox news coverage of Operation Iraqi Freedom in march 2003 before hell broke out, and before Iraq became everybody's nightmare...

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