Puppet Iraqi Prime Minister Rejects Critiques of Saddam's Execution

Lemonde.fr, AFP 06.01.07 12h04 • Updated, 06.01.07 13h04
Translation from French

On Saturday January 6th, 2007, Iraqi prime minister, Nouri El-Maliki, speaking on the aftermath of the execution of Saddam during a military ceremony in honor of the 86th foundation anniversary of the Iraqi army, north of Baghdad, threatened states who criticised the execution of Saddam by stating that the Iraqi government will ''have to revise its diplomatic relations with all states who did not seem to respect the will of the Iraqi people''.
This was the first official reaction of the Iraqi government after the hanging of former Iraqi preisdent on the Muslim religious holiday Eid Al-Adha, December 30th.

"We reject and condemn official and media reactions of some governments...We are staggered by these reactions which are litterally shedding tears over a despot under the pretext that he was executed on a holy day while Saddam has always violated holy celebrations. We consider these critics as an insidious sedition and a flagrant interference in the internal affairs of Iraq, as well as an affront to the families of the vicitims of Saddam''

According to El-Maliki, the execution of Saddam, contrary to what the ennemies of the Iraqi people are claiming, ''was not the result of a political decision''. ''It was the result of a just trial, which Saddam did not really deserve.''

A pirate video taken with a cellphone and shown on the internet has prompted the indignation of the international community. The video shows Saddam being insulted and hackled by Shias witnesses who were present at the execution.

Comment: There was only little mention in Maliki's remarks of Western critiques, that were mostly about fair trial and Human rights, when he says that Saddam did not deserve a just trial. In which, Maliki actually confirms Western fears about the standards for Human rights of the present Iraqi government. However, most of his remarks were adressed to Arab critiques.
No matter how much Maliki's remarks are laughable in terms of contradictions and sheer stupidity, delivered at a military ceremony, they can be considered as belligerant and are directed mostly against Saudi Arabia and other Sunni Arab countries who protested the execution on religious grounds. The US has created a monster in Iraq, a new sectarian monster that is under its command to loosen when it is suitable to give the impression of a new threat to the security of the region and of the international community. The war against Iran is being prepared in Iraq with the help of stupid shias American puppets like El-Maliki; executing Saddam on a holy sunni celebration, raising the ire of Sunnis, and consequently shias counterreactions, and giving Saudi Arabia, Dick Cheney, and Bush, a reason to 'stay the course' in the Middle East, a macabre course, by all means.
In few words, Maliki has shown both disregard for Human rights and his will to dismiss any critique of his government's non respect for religious communities rights in Iraq, other than his own sect. Can anybody tell me how the new neo-con engineered Iraq is better than Saddam's Iraq ?

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Re: Al-Maliki and the Neocon's surreal "surge" strategy, have you seen this ?

Also, I quite liked Gary “War Nerd” Blecher's eulogy: behind the cynicism and gory “social Darwinism”, one finds admiration and respect for the man.

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