Puppet Politics

The US foreign policy can be viewed as an enterprise consisting of installing puppet governments wherever they think they, and their ally Israel, have vital interests. It happens also that American foreign policy is now focused on the interests of Israel. It is also focused on those countries who oppose the unbridled expansionnist colonialism Israel has been following in its regional and international politics, and not interests limited to survival and nationhood for the victims of the Holocaust, which they supposedly claim to have.

The US thus helped to install puppets as rulers in many Arab countries, strenghtening the hold of Israel on the palestinians and producing the absence of any reasonable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Puppets are in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon,Iraq, etc... Even Bashar El-Assad is a candidate, but they don't want him. After all, it is the masters who choose their puppets...
Now the US has turned to Muslim countries outside the Middle East but of vital geopolitical significance to the Midlle East. They have just reintsalled their puppets in Somalia.

The dangers of such foreign policy is that it creates resentment and hatred. It strips people from their dignity as a group and a society and discourages their free will. It leads to lower self-esteem derived from the feeling the citizen of these countries have of not commanding respect, and, of course, from resentment and hatred. Resentement feeds terrorism in the sense that it supresses positive mobilisation around a constructive project and therefore a true resistance.

Lets suppose that Terrorism exists by itself, outside any foreign policy and any resentment, as an abnormal phenomenon of failed states, as the US pretends, and I am not denying that this kind of terrorism exist ed actually in Afghanisan, it may be easy to fight it. But the kind of generic terrorism that the US is fighting is derived not from failed states but mostly from US failed foreign policies. Is it then necessary to fight a terrorism willingly provoked by these foreign policies ? And if so can anybody tell me how to end this kind of terrorism ? I am just wondering because it appears to me that to end this kind of terrorism requires that people around the globe, but especially in Muslim and Middle Eastern countries, must be totally submitted to USrael or must be exterminated. Submission or Death. It reminds me of a slogan I saw on Cuban highways 'Socialismo O Muerte'. There is no other alternative.

What kind of foreign policy is this ? This is no foreign policy. This is madness.

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