'A Time Comes When Silence is Betrayal'

This was true of Vietnam in 1967. It is true today of Palestine, of Iraq, of Lebanon, and of many many other tragedies provoked by the disastrous foreign policy of the US toward Middle Eastern and Muslim countries...

Listen to the powerful speech of Martin Luther King on breaking the silence on Vietnam.

Thanks to Elizabeth for highlighting, on her blog, the speech and the actual political context, 40 years later.


Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

“A Time Comes When Silence is Betrayal”

Reminds me of an ancient Arabian Hadith which goes something like this:

“Man ra’a minqum munqiran, fal’yughayerhu biyadehi,
Fainn lam yastate3, fabilesânehi…”

I guess electronic writings qualify as “qalimât” in the 21st century

naj said...

Hi Sophia,

I am back in Canada. Iran was GREAT! But I couldn't blog because of a system upgrade that required me to have a google account to login to my blog!

Iran is in any but a state of crisis! Iran was anything but a fascist state! Iran was anything but a country on the verge of an atomic war! I found books that I never dreamed will be republished. I met academics that I didn't dream would welcome me. And I witnessed hope and energy in the young and the old.

Anyways, I will blog more. But I just wanted to say hi now.

Sophia said...


Great to have you back. I am currently in Ottawa and I listened to As'ad Abukhalil yesterday on the last Israeli war on Lebanon. I will write a summary on my blog. But anyway, on a question on Iran he said that the US don't have enough troops to attack Iran and that all what they can do now are sanctions and threats and in his opinion, nothing will happen within the next two years because the president will be eager to show some progress in Iraq for his embattled republican party. he als confirmed what ex neo-con Fukuyama said recently that no matter who will be the next president in the US, there wil be foreidn policy change after Bush..

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