What Israel Knew before 9/11

There was a video from Fox News circulating on the web on the subject but was later removed from Fox website. This lenghty and well researched article is a must. I was able to read it thanks to a friend who has a subscription to CounterPunch (Thanks M.). You can also read the story about getting the article published and all the 'obstruction' by the US media.

I am taking the liberty to make it available to my relatively small readership first because my blog is not commercial, I don't make profit from it, and second because I think it is important to make this information available when we realise that 90 % of journalism* derives from official sources, official declarations, media communiqués, etc...and that there is actually very little investigative journalism like the article I am linking to here and published by Counterpunch.

Most pro-zionist blogs have on their front page the image of WTC towers burning on 9/11. Zionist bloggers and commentators boast about Israel being the only friend of the US. Well, most of the time friendships are motivated by material interests. The Israeli state's interests, as seen by those who refuse any compromise with the Palestinians, namely the old and new likud (Kadima) and a sizeable part of the left, not to mention the extreme right, are in keeping an all time ally and military power like the US as an unconditional ally, especially after the fall of the soviet union and the rethinking and reshaping of the old cold war alliances. Logically, the US, the only military superpower emerging from the end of the cold war and the defeat of the soviet union, should have been able to impose peace in the Middle East. But it didn't, and the whole set of terror and the 'war on terror' became a huge profit for Israel who is waging an extermination war on Palestinians under the passive watch of the entire world busy with the 'war on terror'.

Let us for a moment pause and examine what role Israel might have played and still play in the defining event of the present war on terror, 9/11. This is of extreme importance because even though we should dismiss conspiracy theories as they are being served to us, full of nonsense and propaganda trying to lure us from real problems, we should keep a critical eye on any evidence related to 9/11 our governments and the submissive corporate owned media try to hide from us .

What did Israel know before 9/11 ?
The link to the article mentioned in this post is now in my permanent link list.
*The result of a study on the content of the two main national newspapers in Canada, The Globe and Mail and the National Post between 1998 and 2003. The percentage of stories in these two journals stemming from official sources rose from 70 to reach a 90 % level in 2003. These figure might be even worse for the press in the US.

Note: I should also add that there are some conspiracy theories about 9/11 which are completely false, notably 'Loose Change' which is believed to have been inspired and planted by people who want to dicredit the real conspiracy. To quote one of Ketcham's protagonists in the intelligence community: it is like in the movie Victor and Victoria, a woman disguised as a man who in turn is disguised as a woman...


Roseanne said...

What problems do you solve when you portray Israel as a villain in 9/11? Bin Laden himself takes credit for the attack.

In so many Arab countries, Muslim people are killing each other. In Egypt they persecute Coptic Christians.

Israel GAVE UP Gaza. It did not annex Gaza.

You say the USA could impose Middle East peace because it is the only super power? But Russia, China and other countries have their own agendas and are very effective at accomplishing them.

markfromireland said...

The Palestinian lands are not Israel's to give up. So stop trying to pretend that Israel is making some kind of noble concession.

"In so many Arab countries, Muslim people are killing each other. In Egypt they persecute Coptic Christians."

That's meant to be an excuse is it?

What happened to the "light unto the nations?" Your excuse isn't even a glowworm unto the nations.

Come up with some excuse that is less despicable.

As to your excuse about the USA being hindered by others such a Russia and China you know as well as I do that the day the Americans give Israel what it claims to want:

A Clean Break

and stops pumping weapons and money and diplomatic support for each and every attrocity into Israel's war machine will be the day that Israel has to actually negotiate in good faith.

That will mean treating the Palestinians as human beings and giving up its grabby water wars against its neighbours.

That will be the day that peace will start to come to Middle East.

Sophia said...

Greetings and thanks for the link. I have some interesting treading to do.
To your knowledge, Roseanne is one of those cyberzionists roaming the web in order to accomplish their own part of Hasbara. I usually publish their comments once in a while only because the whole argument is quite repetitive.

markfromireland said...

Feh - their arguments remind me of Nationalists in South Africa the "liberal" Pik Botha when he was foreign minister especially who kept on making speeches saying:

"All we want is to be able to live life our way and resolve our problems our way."

Settler state apologists think alike.

Sophia said...


You posted a comment on sunday februray 11th saying that you are not a cyberzionist. WEll how do you explain that your IP adress is the same as other commentators who have been posting on my blog prozionist propaganda under other names ?
The other thing is I don't publish propaganda and most of the time not only you send propaganda in your comments but also you don't comment on the substance. I am therefore not publishing your comment. One is enough.

David said...

Thanks very much for posting the CounterPunch article. Other key links for folks interested in this repressed story are--

1. The FoxNews series of four reports:

2. The Forward article confirming their identities as Mossad agents:
Spy Rumors Fly on Gusts of Truth, Marc Perelman, March 15, 2002
(scroll down a little)

3. The collection of background articles gathered at AntiWar.com:

4. The recent interview with the CounterPunch author on DemocracyNow!:

Sophia said...

Thank you very much for the links. I didn't want to answer your comment before having examined all the links. After having seen them all I can confirm that the Ketcham paper in Counterpunch is the most comprehensive and factual up to date. And if it wasn't I wouldn't have published it since I am continually besieged by cyberzionist commentators ready to drop propaganda and threats any time.
I think when we face such a complexe story we have to stay simple and to stick to facts and this is what Ketcham had done. An excellent work. I listened to the debate on Democracy Now and it is clear that Forward actually confirmed the identity of the fve as Mossad agents. However, Forward being a zionist publication, one has to be dubious. In general in evey piece of disinformation there is 10% truth and the rest is fabrication. And I think in the Forward story, one has to believe only what they said about the identity of the agents (it was not new information if you read carefully the Ketcham story) and not the rest notably that the five were celebrating because 'their intelligence was right' ?

Ed Darrell said...

What hooey. So, let's get this straight: The Israelis are so much smarter than any Arab that they could pull off a hoax killing a couple thousand U.S. citizens (and many from other nations), blame it on Arabs, and the Arabs would be dumb enough to take credit for it?

Is this a parody site, or is the parody unintentional? If the former, it sure does denigrate Arabs unfairly, IMHO.

Ben Heine said...

Wow, you have a great Blog.

Sophia said...

Thanks Ben,
I should check yours.

Anonymous said...

I think the counterpunch article is an elaborate hit piece. It contains impressive detail but doesn't include the fact that the police reported that their bomb sniffing dogs reacted as if they smelled explosives when they were in the dancing Israeli's van. Israelis are all over 9/11 and this article tries hard to portray them as observers rather than organisers.

Sophia said...


I agree with your observations but I think ketcham was being careful not to be dicredited as a conspiracy theorist and stuck to what I may call a minimal interpretation of facts and in taking into account only the established facts actually recorded by the intelligence community.

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