What's In a Name: Israel names its July war on Lebanon

Just In; Israel has finally given a name to its July war on Lebanon.

A great debate was waging in Israel these last weeks and days. Was the July war on Lebanon a war or an operation ? And if it was a war then it must be given a name. Israel has a permanent official commission for these matters presided by Yaacov Edri; commission for symbols and official ceremonies.

Initially the military leadership has planned the war on lebanon as an 'operation', a matter of two days to crush Hezbollah and occupy south Lebanon up to the Litani river, a river the zionists were coveting for a long time to satisfy Israel's scandalous needs for fresh water. Monday, the commission took an important decision and declared the operation as a WAR "en bonne et due forme". Then the commission moved on to name the war. You see, the Jewish state has so many wars behind and so many to come that they must name them, like Hurricanes. For instance, the 1982 war on Lebanon was named 'Peace In Galilee'.

Asked about a name on Ynet, Israelis gave different names to this war: 'The big shame', 'The stupid war', 'Operation defeat' or 'My last war, by Amir Peretz'. Lebanese, on the other hand have instantly given this war the name of 'The July war'. while Hezbollah named it 'The divine victory'.

Finally, it seems that Israel settled for 'The second Lebanese war' as a name. It seems that the name was already given by Israelis and the commission endorsed it. When you start numbering wars it means that you are no longer in a cyclical paradigm, it means that you are in a linear paradigm, total victory or total defeat.

Read 'Name Calling', UrShalim's bitter sweet post on the subject.


Jane said...

great article Sophia. I notice you have not written anything on Iran seizing 15 British sailors. Are you waiting to write about it until you figure out how it is the Jewish people's fault? We rely on you to blame everything on Israel and Neocons. Please get on the case. :)

Sophia said...

Who do you think you are ? My boss ? You are behaving exactly the way israel behaves with the west, telling them which country to attack and when...

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