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I was feeling some blog fatigue and wasn't going to blog for a while. Then I read that Bush wanted more time for his 'new strategy' in Iraq. It reminded me of Israel last summer when it was asking the US, UK and the international community for more time to crush Hezbollah. Instead, it crushed Lebanon's economy, seashore, half of its roads, bridges, houses, buildings, and orchards, killed thousand civilians, made refugees of about 30% of the population and went home leaving Lebanon with postdated cluster bombs, profound divisions, and Hezbollah with a 'divine victory'. Both Bush and Olmert remind me of failing students, you know those ones who, having prepared badly for the exam, sit in front of their white paper the last five minutes when everybody else is done, hoping to deliver !

While Bush, not recognising his defeat, is staying hopeful, Olmert is engaging his countrymen and women in byzantine discussions about the lost war in Lebanon, whose only virtue is to divert Israeli citizens attention from the real issues facing Israel after this war.
What are the issues facing Israel immediately ?
The failure of its leadership in war;
The failure of its leadership in peace (Israel declared it will not discuss with the new Palestinian unity government when most European countries and the US have shown their will to engage).
What are the questions debated in Israel right now ?
Was the attack on Lebanon an operation or a war ?
Giving a name to this war.
Protecting Darfur refugees and pointing out Human rights violations in Darfur.

And as Raptors always hunt in pair, Israel is supported in this Darfur effort by US and French zionists (Nicholas Kristof in the US and BHL in France are leading the efforts). In France, Bernard-Henri Lévy (BHL), who has just embarked, courageousely and bare chested, on his latest humanitarian cause, is leading a pack summoning French presidential candidates to sign an engagement for action in the Darfur crisis.

And because we are becoming numb to HUman rights violations, not only in Darfur, but everywhere, the main result of the Darfur media frenzy will be to divert the world's attention from noticing one more effort, in a long list of political compromises and progresses made by the Palestinians to stop the economic embargo from achieving a total isolation, erosion and disintegration of their lands, people and society. The new Palestinian unity government, in addition to being a unity (Fatah-Hamas) government, has given 25% of minsteries to independants from neither parties including four key ministeries, Interior, Information, Finance, and Foreign Affairs. But once again, BHL and other zionists will fail to notice, and once again, Israel won't talk to this government and will be hiding from reprieve behind a good cause; Darfur. Every time the Palestinians show their good will, Israel finds an excuse to look Elsewhere by instigating, through its zionist allies, a media frenzy about where the west should look and what its priorities should be . Israel and zionists are in an active state of denial.

There is a civil war in Darfur and the western media and Israel want us to believe that the Muslims are waging this war against the southern sudanese populations with the implicit blessing of the government for ethnic reasons. But there is another narrative to this story, Sudanese oil. Sudan, like the Middle East, is blessed with oil and cursed with oil.

And as long as I will be reading this kind of news everyday, my indignation at USrael's criminal wars against the people of Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, and the entire Middle East, will never fade. There is no room for blog fatigue on this blog.

Watch here a video on the children of Baghdad, Iraq (not of interest to Mr BHL's humanitarian preoccupations because their misery results from Mr. BHL's friends policies in the ME)

Good Night and Good Luck.

You have to excuse Le Monde, they don't know that Israel's war was on Lebanon and not on Hezbollah ! Another subject for my indignation, the western press's pro-zionist biases.


Wolfie said...

More random thoughts...

Sophia said...

Thanks very much. A article and a journal I am discovering. Funny, I saw a story in Le Monde today about municipal workers not receiving their wages in Israel and I thought 'Ah they are exagerating, we are not in Gaza'. It seems however, as I am reading the article, that this is one of many signs.
No state, as powerful as it might be, can live in a constant state of war.

Robin said...

interesting article. I don't agree that the Western media is pro-Zionist. The media seems very sympathetic to Palestinians, even with the recent kidnapping of a BBC reporter in Gaza.

Wolfie said...

I think Israel's problems are more complex than that. Take a look at the first part of this post by a British Jew, tells you a lot why the economy is faltering, the later part perhaps why their leadership is faltering.

Robin, this topic gets people really hot under the collar and to be honest I don't think the media will ever be able to please everyone with any stance so their only hope at balance to to oscillate wildly between the two thus pleasing nobody. I do sympathise with the BBC on this, they simply couldn't win - so don't play.

Sophia said...

I have saved the link. I can't believe it. I don't read often, neither enough Zionist blogs. These guys are so full of arrogance and self indulgence.
After having described the whole corrupted business process, instead of condemning, he indulges in talk about Israel's superiority and about the 'having to care for others' which explains both the high bakhchiche fees and the military defeats.

Either this guy is ignorant or blind, because all those fees for intermeidate people are in fact fees for people who adminster businesses in Israel, people who work in the government and the banks. His conclusion is completely twisted, instead of condemning corruption he goes on to compare the intermediates they have to pay to the world commuity imposing restrictions on Israel's dealings with the Arabs.

Thank you for sending me this link. If people still have doubts about zionists they should then read this small piece of blogging. A guy totally lucid about his business dealings and totally delusional about Israel...

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