Khaled Shaikh Muhammad: Providence Man

The Al-Qaida's mastermind 'testimony' is a grocery shopping list.

The Bush adminstration's failure everywhere in the 'war on terror' was waiting for its providence man. From prominent political figures in the US to buildings, strategical targets, Israel, and practically everything else, Khaled Shaikh Muhammed's might seems infinite and even more powerful than Dick Cheney's. Not only he is responsible practically for everything but he is the Deus Ex Machina, a proof that Al Qaida exists as a political and military organisation, and not a mere loose association of criminals, determined to wage a long war against USrael and the west, and worhty of the sacrifice of our young army men and women and of our civil rights and freedoms.

I am relieved, now we can sleep well. Except, I am not stupid. For to sleep well I need cross testimonies, facts, independant investigations, and an international tribunal. Aren't we all concerned by what has been portrayed to us over the years as an international network of terror ? So why is it the US only that has the right to interrogate and try Al Qaida's mastermind ? And I think all these passages masked in his testimony are a smokescreen. I mean, the man is in their hands, hidden from the entire world, they can make him say what they want, thanks to torture techniques approved by the Bush administration and micromanaged by Rumsfeld, so why blacken passages in his testimony ? Just to make the lie look truthful ?

Read here the complete testimony of KSM found on Angry Arab's site.

Slavoj Zizek on torture and Khaled Shaikh Muhammad

Tonight, we need a good dose of humour (read fellow blogger Stef's post 'Khaled Sheikh Mohammed 31 plots') as well as a good dose of healthy skepticism in watching the excellent Adam Curtis's BBC documentary 'The power of nightmares'. It is in three parts. Better start with part III, which is the most close to present events of the war on terror, and continue with parts II and I, all posted below.

The Power Of Nightmares: Part III

The Power Of Nightmares: Part II (The links for parts II and I have died on Google but are available at Youtube in a much shorter version, 7 to 9 minutes out of the original 50' each)

The Power Of Nightmares: Part I

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