The Berlin Zoo is a fantastic Zoo. They have the highest birth rate in the world for captive animals . Knut is a polar bear born on December 5th 2006. His mother refused to care for him, his twin died from this treatment. Finally with the help of the carers at the zoo Knut survived and now he is an international star visited by Politicians. He made his first appearance to the public with Germany's environment minister by his side. When I visited the zoo last year, I witnessed a play between an Orang-Utan mother and her baby. It was really moving. And a zoo with infants animals is definitely less depressing than regular zoos.

I think that our sense of imminent loss at the reduction of biodiversity, the problem of endangered species, and climate changes, are no strangers to the phenomenal success of Knut. Too much to bear for a little bear...


Naj said...

:) I guess the Germans are well scienced in the art of "imprisoning productively" ;)

I saw a Cartoon with my little godson tonight: Happy little feet; an odd little pinguin who is rejected by his tribe leader who has a Bin Ladanish accent, and goes away to find who is stealing their fish, and is captured by humans and put in the zoo; until he finds a way to communicate with humans, and so humans wire him and bring him back to antarctic and he makes all his tribe to dance to the tune of humans, so humans would help them catch fish again!!!

I see a metaphor in everything these days!

Sophia said...

A cute movie indeed. I saw part of it with my 17 year old who still likes animated movies.

Elizabeth said...

Beyond adorable!

Let's hope he doesn't end up like the Central Park Zoo polar bear who developed obsessive compulsive disorder and was treated with Prozac.

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