Torture and Terror: The descending spirale

The war on terror has reached now the horn of Africa with, in its trail, new accusations of renditions, secret prisons, and torture by the CIA and the FBI in US friendly countries. Citizens from 19 countries are being 'interrogated' by the US with the help of the rendition services provided by Kenya and the torture apparatus in Ethiopia and Somalia.

Since its beginning, the 'war on terror', as conceived by the US, is pulling western democracies in a spiraling moral descent which is becoming out of control. Many innocent citizens are caught in this spirale. Read here my post on why the methods used by the US and its allies in the 'war on terror' are doomed to fail.

UPDATE: European Union given war crimes warning over aid to Ethiopia and Somalia.

Bernard Kouchner and Bernard-Henri Lévy, the campaigners for Darfur, won't lift a finger for civilians tortured, illegaly detained, ethnically cleansed and assassinated in Somalia, neither for the genocide that is going on in Iraq under the watch of 150000 US soldiers and the genocide that id going on in Palestine at the hands of the Israeli army.


Naj said...

Sophia Sophia sophia ... OF COURSE torture is the way to go!

Do you think it makes sense to give all those suspected terrorists gift bags and only blind fold them when moving them from one center to the other?

Although there could be a solution:
If the terrorist detainees were as smart as the British ones, and would have puked as soon as they heard a gun, and admitted to ALL sorts of evil doing; then they would be happily eating food and playing chess; and would be released by Bush and Blair personally; with gift bags of course. Then they could go back to their bases in Al Quaeda head quarters and take all their confessions back and live happily ever after!

But, because these damned terrorist s do not admit to their faults, we should unleash dogs on them, gang-rape them, and make sure we document all that on camera, so Al Quaeda will not suspect that they are --god forbid-- cooperating and be god forbid embarrassed!

Léo Martin said...

Sophia, au fait, je suis à Montréal! J'étais à Beyrouth avec ma femme pour le nouvel an. À bientôt dans le "ouèbe"...

Hakkan qam!

Nigel said...

British hostages don't need gift bags from Iran's prez. All of Europe is disgusted by Iranian propaganda.

Sophia said...

I think the west has nothing to envy AhmadiNejad's for when it ocmes to propaganda. Like it or not, the main outcome of what you call propaganda is the triumph of dialogue diplomacy over bombs. But this is saddenning some who would have liked sending young men and women to war !

Sophia said...

Read on Angry Arab:
''When the British sailors were in Iran, they read statements of Iranian propaganda; when they returned to UK, they read statements of British propaganda.''

Naj said...

Nigel, sweety; maybe the disgusted westerners could have wished their soldiers to not accept the gifts with such jolly broad smiles and at lease make an impression that they were "disgusted" by the fish and chips they were gulping down!

Unless the Western army teaches its personel method acting; instead of method fighting!

Naj said...

re Angry Arab! Indeed!

And maybe the British officers also "coerced them" in those helicopters and told them: if you don't read your statements you won't have a career!

What is disturbing is that, these soldiers could have saved their and their government's face by reeading a statement like:

"Dear British people, we are sorry that by our navigational error, we put you in a situation of national humiliation"

Nothing is more disgusting than a flip flopping soldier! So the Westerners are very correct to be disgusted, that someone is uncovering their dirt and throwing it back at them!

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