The US, Israel, and the rise of Extremisms in the ME

Une alliance contre nature entre Israel et le front Populaire de Libération de la Palestine ayant pour but de torpiller le rapprochement entre l'OLP d'un côté et les Américains et les Français de l'autre serait à l'origine du raid.
An alliance between Israel and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine was at the origin of the Entebbé plane hijacking. The operation had as a goal to stop a growing rapprochement between the PLO, France and the US. Israel knew the configuration of the airport because it was built by israel during the years of mutual collaboration with Idi Amin Dada.

The lesson is one should be suspicious of extremisms of all sorts. Israel always encouraged extremist Palestinian factions by weakening the moderates. Also, Israel excels, not in the art of war, as we have seen in its last agression on Lebanon, but in the art of spying and infiltration attested by high profile operations outside its territory against its opponents, and the many suspicions surrounding its role in others.

Israel is pursuing the same method in the cyberspace and many propalestinian bloggers are clearly infiltrated. I have personally followed some cases.

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I am now in Athens and my travel through airports got me to watch TV news from Lebanon. Usually I don't watch news on TV. What the Sanyura government is doing is very ugly. It is copying the methods of the Israeli government. What is it pursuing ? I don't know. All I know is that all this fighting has two immediate consequences, distracting from real issues in Lebanon, the corruption and the weakness and illegitimacy of the Sanyura government, as well as more chaos nearing a low intensity civil war. A woman behind me at Heathrow was in tears watching Kim Ghattas reporting for the BBC from North Lebanon.

Looking also at Athens and the fortress that is the US embassy here, surrounded by iron walls, and the history of the country within its relations with the US, one can fairly say that the more the US empire tries to subjugate people, the more they oppose it. The US helped install a military dictatorship here in Greece. This dictatorship took power and legitimacy, with the help of the US, through a coup which threw the centrist democratically elected government of Constatntin Karamanlis, only because the US and the army feared that the centrist government of a conservative may be open to the communist party. Later the US dropped its support for the Greek military regime when it became evident that this regime was going to collapse after its failed invasion of Cyprus and the crisis that followed, to rally another ally military regime in Turkey.

Sanyura is nothing but another US and Israel puppet in the region. He will be dismissed one day by his masters. The sooner, the better. This only thought consoles me when watching the mess in Lebanon.

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More from Angry Arab on the links between the pro US Sanyura government and Sunni Muslim extremism in Lebanon:
Bahiyyah Hariri, aunt of Saad, the present political leader of the Sanyura government coalition in lebanon who is battling Fatah El-Islam, admits she financed Fatah el-Islam members.
Also, Sanyura distinguishes between good FEI members nad bad ones.


Anonymous said...

Last week you referred to 1 line from an unnamed source in a British intelligence report. Now you report it as a fact, and you draw incorect conclusions. Anyone with a SATELLITE would know the configuration of the airport. In 1976 there was no rapprochement between PLO and USA. When you say Israel is not good at war, what about the wars of 1948, 56, 67, and 73?

Most importantly, Israel does not encourage extremist factions. Israel is at war with Hamas, not encouraging it.

Sophia said...


I meant Israel is not good at war as of late of course. Please don't feel that I insulted Israel in any way.

1948 was not israel,s war, it was the war of terrorit zionist organisations who killed Palestinians and emptied their villages by practicing terror. If you consider Israel as a state born from terrorist armies so I agree with you that 1948 was israel,s war.
1967 and 1973 were possible because of the weakness of Egyptian and Syrian armies in face of the western equipped Israeli army.
And Please don't count 1956 as Israel's war, you are going to seriously alienate some European allies...

Israel is fighting extremism ? I don't believe so, It had a chance for a cheap peace with the most moderate and malleable of Palestinian organisations, the PLO, and it did not seize the chance. Israel is now fighting Hamas with the hope of giving Al Qaida a fertile terrain in the occupied territories. This is Israel's last resort for ending the peace process. The whole Al Qaida crap is partly israel's invention.

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