"Bringing Democracy to the Middle East": Open Conspiracy Against Civil Society

In Israel, the US is supproting the very unpopular Olmert government and rewrading its failed 2006 agression on Lebanon with an increase in its massive aid.

For the most backward and authoritarian regime in the region, a regime that opresses women, minorities, religions, and everybody else except the ruling family, the US has approved a massive arms sale. Israel understands.

In Iraq, the US is arming sunni militia 'against Al Qaida' they say, but these sunni militia are also fighting shias in a civil war that is ravaging Iraq and which the US don't want to name or to recognise.

In Lebanon, the US is not only supporting the weak Islamist Sanyura government but is also intervening to stop any national dialogue between the government and the strong opposition in order to increase the number of ministers from the opposition oin the government and form a national unity government. This last demand was formulated by the opposition after the crisis that ensued the July 2006 Israeli agression on Lebanon in which Israel and the US, and silently their Lebanese allies tried to crush the opposition.

In Iran, the US is financing terror operations conducted by Iranian minorities since 2004.

In Palestine, the US was working with the collaborationnist movement Fatah, until they left Gaza recently, to undermine the security, the economy, and the well being, of the fragile Palestinian society.

Well it appears to me that what the US is doing in the middle east is undermining democracy. This is a conspiracy against civil society, not only in the middle east, but also in the countries contributing to the covert for this consipracy that is 'the war on Terror', in which rulers and political parties have heavy responsibilties in the damage that is being done to their countries and their civil societies. They should be made accountable for it.

Brian Whitaker: "A Green Light To Opression"

The US is pouring oil on fire with Middle East arm sale


Wolfie said...

Yep, its really looking like American foreign policy has lost the plot. I've lost the will to even blog about it.

Even the fear-mongering over Iran has a hollow ring to it, but our press doesn't want to enlighten us on that.

Sophia said...

The article is right to the point. The only thing that is keeping the Ahmadinejad's like in power in the ME is either a direct US threat, like in Iran, or an indirect one through opressive rulers like in Saudi Arabia. However, a moderate foreign policy, openness, and economic reforms and collaboration, are the only way to transform these countries and their governments for the better.

Naj said...

Well, the good thing is that, now we know their intentions. At least these people are not hypocrites like Democrats. They have no intention of making middle east safe or better; they have every aim of subordinating it; and holding it by,uhm ... excuse me, the balls!
But if selling weapons satisfied their insatiable economic thirst, and they actually didn't trigger wars to generate customer loyalty, I could live with it.

Something funny: after the arm deal was brokered, someone (presumably Arab) left a comment that how eager he was to get rid of Iran first and then turn to Israel next!!! So, Condy seem to have put her money on the right horse this time around!

Sophia said...


Look at Leroidavid's comment on the next post "The US pressures Germany to cut business ties..." Leroidavid has suggested excatly the same thing as the 'Arab' on your blog, get rid of Iran first because the US said so...Leroidavid as you may guess is a zionist commentator, so what zioinists are suggesting is: Get rid of Iran first and than of Arabs (actually they are getting rid of some of them at the same time, appetite...)
That should make Iran and the Arabs allies but warmongering is for primates, not for logicians...

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