US Pressures Germany to Cut Iran Business Ties

The United States is using rough-handed methods to force Germany to impose tougher sanctions on Iran. The government in Berlin is resisting, but German banks are already caving in.

Building an Economic Coalition of the Willing

But the US government is no longer content with United Nations economic sanctions on Tehran -- Washington wants more. And so, US President George W. Bush and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson have directed Levey to form a worldwide economic coalition of the willing to increase the pressure on Iran. Despite their best efforts, American officials are irked that German companies are still doing business worth billions with Tehran. In particular, Washington has little understanding for the export guarantees Berlin still offers firms, effectively helping the mullah regime to buy new ships and power plant technologies.


Anonymous said...

The US leaves one speechless. Millions of war materiel to the Middle East, but trade with Iran sends them into hyper-reactions, with the moot point under terrorism. Er, what about all the other countries from where the terrorists have originated? More weapons, US of course for them. It's so transparently rediculous I'm surprised the Germans haven't told the Americans to clean up the mess they've made in the Middle East.

Sophia said...

My theory is that all this 'war on terror' is in fact an Economic war. Why Germany is targeted by both the US and Sarkozy now in France ? (read my post on sarkozy next to this one)
Because Germany is doing well economically.

Leroidavid said...

Your theory is ridiculous.

The US are pressuring Iran, because this dictatorship has time and again said it is planning a new genocide of 6 million Jews.

The US don't like genocides.

Do you ?

Since March 29th 2006