The Bush-Blair Era: synonymous of the slowly irreversible agony of the peace process in the ME

From Le Monde. A poll of their readers (12550 polled) shows that more than 60% think that the nomination of Tony Blair as special envoy of the quartet to the ME will not help reinvigorate the negociations process in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Let alone the peace process. Le Monde's readers are center left and moderates.


RoxieAmerica said...

Tony Blair as special envoy of the quartet to the ME is about as intelligent as appointing President Bush.

Perhaps God might consider following this pattern by appointing the devil as the special envoy to heaven.

Sophia said...

Hi Roxie,
Glad you are back.

Fleming said...

It is really hard to find words and comparisons to show just how ludicrous the appointment of Blair is, but Roxie has done a good job.

We have to conclude that this appointment dramatizes the complete lack of sincerity behind the US/British participation in (i.e., sabotage of) a "peace process."

Sophia said...

Balir is an extension of Bush and Roxie is totally right.

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