Israel's nuclear wistleblower to return to prison

Mordechai vanunu, the man whom Israel kidnapped from the UK in 1986 for revealing Israel's nuclear program to a British newspaper, and who has been living, since he finished his 18 year prison sentence in 2004, under extremely restrictive conditions to his personal freedom, has been sentenced yesterday by an Israeli court to a six month prison for violating the terms of his parole (i.e. speaking about Israel's nuclear program).

And while this is taking place, a near total silence is observed by most western news media about the matter. On the other hand, the US, UK, and the new UN secretary general are very worried about Iran's nuclear potential. This matter is not only getting full coverage but also the usual buzz and spin in mainstream western media.

Profile of Mordechai Vanunu published upon his first release from jail in The Guardian in April 2004.


Wolfie said...

Its been reported on the BBC, but you need sharp eyes. The BBC are too busy hyping the crap terrorist threat (much to the amusement/boredom of the British people).

What do you expect from the country with the rapist president, who was naturally let off? That little item got the soft peddle too.

So much for Israeli justice. Always so busy telling us how much better they are than their Arab neighbours.

Sophia said...

Thanks for the information. I find it symptomatic that it has been reproted mainly by israel's and some UK news media as if it is a matter between two states. The man will be appealing to Tony Blair and the queen for his release ! Bonne chance. I read a full article on him in the Guardian and it seems that his years of detention in total isolation have had an effect of an arrested maturation. Despite his age he still think and hopes like a very young man...
As for what is happening in the UK, it is very sad and very disturbing. We have been transiting through Heathrow for the last two years and really how can you make the country secure when all you see in central London is a great density of Muslim immigrants and nationals and at the same time sending troops to combat against civilians in Muslim countries ? But I am sure their grievances must be 'false' as stated by Tony Blair just two days before the alleged attempted bombings.
This is totally insane. I really empathize. I lived through the Algerian Islamist terror threat in Paris in the 80s with a baby daughter going to work and taking the metro and it wasn't easy despite the threat being nearly unexistant whe compared to today's threats. And why on earth these people conduct such silly operations on airports ? I am sad and puzzled at the same time. And where are the charges from former attempts and from 7/7 ?

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