Israel Harrassing Palestinian expats into renouncing their citizenship

Link found on Angry Arab

"A new rule was adopted by Israel in March, stating that citizens of other countries who are of Palestinian heritage may be designated as Palestinian residents and forced to leave the country through Jordan, even if they possess round-trip airline tickets and, as in the Yacoubs' case, U.S. passports. For the Yacoubs, that means an 18-hour wait at a border checkpoint, forfeiting their return-trip tickets and buying new tickets at a cost of about $16,000.

Bedier, of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said the family was told the problem could be solved if they signed a paper renouncing their Palestinian heritage and all future intention to become Palestinian citizens.

The Yacoubs immediately contacted U.S. State Department officials, who were sympathetic, but told the family it was Israeli policy."


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Thanks Behemoth. I hope everything is O.K. for you, Job, Love, Life, etc...

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I checked the link. Apparently the argentinian montage is not working well for them.

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I see that happening here as well, SOON enough!

Wolfie said...

Last time I visited the US I was quite harassed by security staff. I vowed to my wife - "I'm never coming back to this country (excepting needful business trips)".

Mind you the last time I went to New York on business I'm standing there in my Saville Row suit, briefcase in hand showing the woman my business card (American bank in London) and she's giving me the third degree over whether I'm going to return to the UK!? I couldn't wait.

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A savile Row suit doesn't work with US security agents. Did you see how Cheney dressed for Holocaust commemorations a while ago in Poland ?

Now you will understand why US security agents at airports harrass a man in a Savile Row suit.

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